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GLAMBERT ALERT!!! Fake News Story Circulating About Adam:

GLAMBERT ALERT!!! Fake News Story Circulating About Adam

I hate to even bring this here but it's possible some fans might hear a rumor or read the FAKE news story and freak out. The story is circulating on Twitter. The logical place to come for information might be here to AO. I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later.

The FAKE news story says that Adam died in a boating accident this morning, September 15th. However, if you read the fine print at the bottom of the news page, it states that the story is FAKE. Go figure! How can people be so warped as to deliberately attempt to cause shock and distress like this to other unsuspecting people.

I sincerely hope nobody is distressed by this post.

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Well now Adam has well and truly MADE IT when people copy him and he has faux death notices, he knows he has MADE IT.

Well I must be a true cynic because when I saw this my first thought was that Adam is now a true celebrity to earn a death hoax. IMO it is still the wild west of the internet. Anybody can post anything whether it's true or not.

@sastenio, I hope you are feeling better now.

I saw this thread BEFORE I clicked on the article. Even so, when I read the title, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sort of hollowness. Brings home the meaning of the words "gut reaction".

I can't imagine the shock you must have felt thinking it was true.

Glad this thread was posted!

Isn't this the third time for this sick joke.
Poor Adam and Bon Jovi, having to deal with this a couple tmes a year.
Some people just have no clue!!!!!

@Carter I am with you. I'm considering following up on your suggestions. I NEVER want to experience a single moment like that EVER again.

@poppd Me too. It's a little overwhelming sometimes.

My friends, I've been fighting the cynic's disease for a long time now . . . the idea that this world is becoming so full of evil, stupidity, and selfish indifference to others sometimes gets way too overwhelming - obviously not all people are bad, but it's something I have to remind myself of every day. I've always been an outsider, for the simple fact that I don't understand most people and many don't understand me . . . the motivation to hurt others, even if it's *only* with words (and for "entertainment," yet), just doesn't make sense to me . . .
I saw this "story" Saturday and bounced between the logical (not trusting internet *news*) and the fear (anything is possible). Not knowing for sure made for a bit of a shaky evening, but seeing Adam's tweets today washed the fear away . . . and knowing that he can laugh at the morons who make up such things puts me at ease . . .
Unfortunately, the higher Adam's star rises, the harder the crazies out there will try to bring him down . . . . . . . . this below made me smile though, courtesy of a commenter on the article from @sastenio's link:
"Adam would have tweeted us if he was dead. He knows how much we worry."
I have no doubt this is true, that if such a horrible thing were to happen, he would somehow find a way Smiling - JBJ says KEEP THE FAITH.

Just wondering-- any lawyers in our group? Is there any way a suit could be brought against these people? I don't know if this qualifies as "satire", which would make it protected speech under the First Amendment, or if it actually could be considered defamation or libel or even cyberbullying. I'm sure we could get a collection up to cover the costs of a lawsuit if it were something that had legs, and if our Glambert lawyer would take it on pro bono. Thoughts?

@carter I hardly know what to say. I'm so sorry that you had to experience the devastation of thinking that this awful hoax was true, especially considering your personal circumstances. I hope being able to talk about it with others here who also love Adam provides some measure of solace.

People who enjoy doing this type of thing to others are profoundly disturbed because they obviously have no capacity for empathy with those they intend to harm. It's unfortunate that the internet provides them with a huge pool of unsuspecting targets. Thanks for the information about how to make a complaint. Hopefully something can be done to shut this site down.

Take care.

I hadn't heard the rumor, but seeing it written down even with the truth in the same sentence. . . . Sheesh . . . put me in a dark place. Oh, man. Ugh.

How could it ever happen to Adam?! We know he's not dead, and it's up to us Glamberts, his fans to prove to them who wrote that fake death article about him that he is alive at 30 years old!

And for the local fans in San Diego, we better believe that our hometown boy is alive and no matter what this article is nothing but a hoax for us hear about the death rumors of our Adam! It's SO NOT true, but it is COMPLETELY false!

@ALfann, thank you for creating this thread. i wanted to post last night but..i just couldn't...
i clicked on that piece of crap f**king link on twitter and reading that with Adam's name and the word "died"...

the 3 minutes it took to discover that this beyond offensive and beyond hurtful piece of f**king crap was in fact a "hoax" was THE WORSE 3 MINUTES OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

i'm am still quite shaken and very upset by this today. even knowing that this was a hoax, i had a terrible nightmare last night. The fact that this hoax involved ADAM was so devastating. the fact that i am currently on a waiting list for therapy for ongoing unresolved grief and loss issues...... i can't even begin..i can't....

so, when i awoke at 2:27 AM from the awful dream about Adam, and as i tossed and turned for several hours trying to comprehend why the f**k someone would actually think this was OK to do? Why they would think that a freaking "Disclaimer" at the very, very bottom of the page in very, very, VERY small print would prevent them from being held accountable for their actions?

as you say in your OP @ALFann, this was a deliberate attempt to cause shock and distress to people - and it sure did didn't it?
I really don't care if there is Disclaimer or whatever at the bottom, that states that the post is "100% FAKE"

if this bogus hoax post caused even ONE SECOND of distress to ANYONE - that to me, is a form of Cyberbullying.

i did some research and found this:

In the USA the National Crime Prevention Council states that Cyberbullying (which is a crime) includes;
- use of the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.
-Spreading lies and rumors about victims

-StopBullying.GOV is a A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

- Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

"Spreading lies and rumors"

rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites.

posting text intended to hurt another person.

mean rumors.

Like i mentioned, i don't care if they have a "Disclaimer"
It's at the very bottom and in very tiny print.

It should be at the TOP of the article in LARGE BOLD PRINT
immediately following the article - NOT after "More Trending Topics" and random photos.

Better yet - this site should be shut down. no need to explain why.

This hoax was perpetuated via a site called "" - anyone can register and generate FAKE death reports of anyone and have them posted all over the WorldWideWeb for "entertainment purposes"
SO offensive...HIGLY inappropriate and beyond cruel. Sad

StopBullying.GOV site recommends reporting Cyberbullying to the website in question's host.

"'s" host is If you read their Terms of Agreement and other information regarding guidelines, it is possible that "FakeAWish" may very well be in violation.
Legal Department
909 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
El Segundo, California 90245

I don't know for certain IF anything can be done, but i do know that i am going to write to them. i hope others may write to them as well.
Even if they aren't "technically" in violation, perhaps vBulletin will empathize with those upset by this - and with the victim (ADAM) and morally and ethically do the right thing and cancel FakeAWish's service contract?

@ALFann, thank you again for posting this thread - nobody is distressed by your thread hun,
we are distressed by FakeAWish's "Celebrity Prank/Hoax" site and by the actions of the horrid person who created this highly offensive, hurtful and inappropriate hoax that they have the f**king gall to call "Entertainment"

Thank you for reading this and i am sorry for the long post and my anger. i see that i'm not alone though.
i'm relieved that Adam tweeted and that he seems to be dealing with this BS by taking the high road - Adam always does....


Thank God and the Universe that this is NOT true and our Adam is OK.
the level of sorrow and devastation that would occur if anything happened to Adam....i just can't even...
i don't think anyone can...


I've been thinking sometimes about that what it would be like if it would really happen.
I think I felt this feeling today for the first time when I read those horrible things.
But this happens almost to every singer that fans get fake news.
I don't know what I should say about that, but I am so thankful that Adam is alright and healthy.
It is one of the worst feelings if you know that a beloved person is not feeling well or even is ill. Sad
Things like those are not funny...

Through a Glambert on twitter i read @NileRodgers tweet saying to us to be not worry because a fan started the rumor and its not truth. He also mentioned Adam, so maybe he find first than Adam.
The fan behavior, i don't have comments ... Puzzled

Here's another article warning people about the hoax:

I could never imagine doing something as horrible as that. Whoever wrote this trash is just a sadistic, attention-seeking liar who seems to take perverse pleasure in feeding off innocent celebrities like Adam. And it's meant to be funny? Sad

@ALfann & Yummy Thank you for your concern. Smiling Obviously there were clues this was a fake story, but this sort of thing is very cruel. It was so shocking to me that I didn't even get to the fine print before a massive panic attack grabbed hold of me, which made me...well, panic!!! Even this morning I don't want to even see the words in that fake news piece, I have an emotional blister. I think I must've been the first person to see the original post about it on Twitter because I didn't see ANY replies or discussion about it, so nobody had thrown any doubts or skepticism at it. I guess I should read more celebrity gossip, because I didn't know how common this kind of hoax is. And yes, Adam is like a family member to me. The mere idea of what was suggested by that fake news nearly made me collapse. That website should be taken down. But I think @Yummy's right that the fine print disclaimer probably provides legal "protection". Another example of the misuse of freedom of speech, like the YT anti-Muslim video that has caused so much uproar and grief over the last week. I was so happy to see that Adam tweeted this morning. Just felt like hugging him a thousand times. He's so full of fierce and joyful energy and love and talent that lights up our lives. <3

Yummy: thanks ...but I still think there should be legal recourse for certain types of subjects and topics...irregardless of any disclaimer...death and injury articles with no truth to them that show a disclaimer sentence should be legally banned...this is something perez h. would do...UGH>>.

Adam just tweeted

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
Not to be Morbid, but I'm in some great company here. Smiling

Thanks @Yummy for the answer. I was going to post if you can sue these scum bags... even though there's the disclaimer at the bottom of the page ,

@Yummy...Where did you find your avi pic? I love it.

Probably because of the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Anyway...Adam wouldn't be out jet skiing at 8:45 a.m. in any time zone.

I can't figure out why lawsuits have not been brought....seems as though there are quite a few musicians and actors that could sue these scum bags...

Reading the title of the article again, after knowing this was a hoax, brought tears to my eyes.

Are you ok @sastenio?

Keep safe ADAM! Appalling sicko stuff.

@sastenio My heart goes out to you. It's horrible that you had to experience so much distress because of the warped, sadistic behaviour of these idiots. Adam is like family to us and I can.t even imagine how I would react under similar circumstances. A world without our BB is difficult to even contemplate. Thankfully, we don't have to.

I hope your system has since regained it's equilibrium. Take care.

Thanks for the warning. Yes, lots of sicko's out there.

I thankfully didn't see this news story before coming here, but this is disgusting. Why would someone write this, and why would others circulate it? I don't even want to open the link to the fake story because I don't think my heart could handle even reading the words right now. Thank you for bringing this here to alert others who may be looking for the truth.

People are sick these days....

Here is a story from LA Late debunking this whole event:

When I first saw the mediafetcher item (via Twitter) I was terrified because fans didn't know where Adam was after his New York visit for Fashion Week, and I didn't see the disclaimer at that site right away. It hit me so hard that I just went blind for several minutes before I figured out that Adam ISN'T on vacation and that it was for sure a fake report. I'm STILL shaking.

There are some really sick people in the world. Not news to me, but always baffling why ppl spend their time causing pain for others.

Thanks @ALfann for posting this.

How cruel and disgusting. Keep this bumped.

That site is despicable. Just despicable.
I am disgusted with it.

@ALFann, I do think it's good that you have FAKE News Story in your title... and you're right, people may come here to see if it's true....

What a rotten thing they did.... my heart is breaking..... Sad

K. xo