What makes a glambert:

What makes a glambert

What makes a glambert? What do good glamberts do?

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@adamsmeow - some of your post resonates with the bumper sticker that's been on my car for several years: "Those who dance are thought mad by those who hear not the music" A Glambert dances to the most divine music - not just Adam's amazing singing, but the music of life and light that he generates by living as a fierce, loyal, passionate, courageous, incredible person. There are many who label us as mad, they don't understand, they have not yet heard the music that feeds our souls and fills us with bliss.

Everything already said-plus
4 me--
I've been transformed into a Glambert each and every moment I breath
from the first moment I saw him and heard his voice.
His energy took over my heart.
I've become a sponge- wanting to learn from his visions of life.
I turned into a happier me than I'd ever been in years.
My heart began to have it's own different sort of rhythm. I think it sings 24/7 Adam.
I stay up all night to catch his energy on stage-many times & that continues!
I get up and do my work-and live on Adamness-often not needing the lost sleep.
I've moved CDs in multiple stores to keep his up front--and didn't give a GPS if someone
tried to scold me for it. LOL
I've voted, and clicked my fingers off many, many times, and will continue to do so--w only
one expectation-that Adam grows more popular.
I talk, walk, breath AL and everyone who knows me, or even vaguely has any connection
knows in a shouting way-I'm a fan.
I love my family-but I have a new family--my Glamily and they matter just as much as blood.
As with family-I know we are all different, and I love us all for that diversity! Adam genes!
I often think there is a link from the otherside that brought me here-to love and adore Adam.
I believe that Adam is a super being--not just an ordinary guy who sings.
I appreciate that Adam is just human-and respect his human privacy-but I know he is here for more.
I've learned that the discomfort I've felt for years from others is not what defines me anymore.
Adam I've gained a voice of my own-a strong faith, that we are who we are-and that is absolutely OKay!
To me, to be a glambert is not something I was initiated into by other glamberts-but something more like
Reiki--that I was born with-and had to wait until the perfect time to understand-to appreciate-and to
Although I do not always join in the conversations, I live to read, to learn, to absorb the love that
radiates throughout the glamily.
Without this journey-I'd truly be nothing-and in such a hostile world today--Adam's love has wrapped me
up in a protective blanket that spells out LIFE IS GOOD!
Last but hardly least--I'm a true glambert who was awakened by the likes of Freddie Mercury one wonderful
night and transformed into a Queenbert too!
To love Adam Lambert is to live on a totally different grade of earth! Maybe this recipe makes me qualify for the Cuckoo jacket, that is, in other ordinary people's ho-hum-drum worlds--
and for that I'm lucky to be what makes me a G-L-A-M-B-E-R-T!
I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Adam has the abiltity to touch your heart and soul and when he does, either through his extraordinary vocals or through his life experiences or both combined, then a Glambert is born.

What do we do? We support Adam in every way we can because he deserves to succeed. He is one of the best vocalists (and I personally believe the BEST) of our generation.

To me, a Glambert is somebody who is very passionate about Adam and supports his musical path and his career no matter what he does. A Glambert is inspired to be his/herself, to accept his/herself for who they are, and to take risks. A Glambert does not judge other Glamberts by how many shows they've seen, who supports him more, etc. A Glambert is open-minded towards other people and...maybe towards other music genres. A Glambert strives to see the positive things in life.

What makes a Glambert? Everything everyone has mentioned.
For me, statiscally, being a Glambert means that my brain is 75% Adam Lambert and everything else in my life is 25%.

Waving at @Master - <3

A Glambert is someone whose life has changed significantly since Adam came into it. It's someone with intense passion for all things Adam and his Glamily. It's somone who shares the special Glambert humor that no one else really gets until you're part of the family. You're someone who will support Adam to the end of your days. It's a commitment.

You wanna know what makes a Glambert. Well first to show that you love Adam or you love you Glambert family, you gotta use capitals in Adam, Lambert, Sauli (sorry i dont know how to spell his name, i'll learn) and Glambert.
You also have to love Adam for Who he is, not because he is amazingly sexy. Your not a Glambert or apart of our family id you only love him for his looks, thats not what being a Glambert is about.
You also got to stick up for him. Kids in my class make fun of him for being gay, I stick up for him and say "Shut up beotch!!!!" They dont have a f***in right to say that. He is just like any other person. He is funny, he's sweet, he is everything <3
And once you are a Glambert, you gotta respect your Glambert sisters nd brothers.
I am Cassandra Glambert, Glambert is the perfect last name for anyone. It sounds perfect in anybody's name <3
Oh yeah, you also got to let everybody know that you are a glambert, like at school, on tests i write "Cassandra GLAMBERT"
So yeah pass that around and everybody will want to become a Glambert

@Jiwhit Smiling

What makes me a glambert???... The way i love Adam's music, the way he makes me feel about music, the way i listening to his music and how he makes me moove with his grooves and inspiring, that no other artist could make the same.
The way i support him in his music contributing for his career mooving on.
Another reason: HIS VOICE!! <3

The way i love Adam's personality, everything on him (challanges, experiences,..) is an example to try, take risks, and don't be afraid of make some mistakes because its impossible to be perfect like @cusegirl said, and thats what makes him perfect for me.
Makes me a glambert the way i support him, as my mom said "you support Adam Lambert better than you support your own mother" Laughing out loud - the way i'm loyal to him.

The way all his words come out so clearly and truly and his messages to the glamberts mean to me a lot and thanks to them, dreams came true to me. So many thing that i can't explain everything because everysingle day i have a different feeling when i'm listening his music, a different sound in every song of him, etc...

And the most important thing of being a Glambert: Being Who You Are and Who You Want To Be!

@disco What Movie said! You be what you want to be!

To me, a real Glambert not only loves and supports Adam, but loves and supports other Glamberts . . . and "civilians," too. Smiling

What makes the Glamily so special to me is how and when we reach out to each other, when we disagree with kindness and mutual respect - or snatch each other up for going crazy and losing perspective Shocked

I love our animated conversations, our open-hearted Indigos, our hard-nosed honeys, our wet-nosed doggie (Pugs), our international warriors with their expressive English and golden hearts. I love that we laugh, learn, grow, and even grieve together.

A Glambert is a person who can be inspired by others - and it started with Adam - and say, "You know what? YES I CAN."

Please don't start me to crying, I have errands to run.

Disco-- you don't have to be any damn thing you don't want to be, girl! And you know Adam would agree with me.

I don't love everything he does - says, wears, sings - but I do love and support him unconditionally. He's that special to me for many reasons.

@Glamgirl Awe Jeez. Does that mean I have to be a cougar? LOL Smiling

Sometimes I am a good Glambert. Sometimes I am a critical Glambert. I always say whatever I am feeling. I know he is not perfect. Who is. I just keeping loving and supporting him. I always will. Always.

Absolute DEDICATION!!!

*tilts head* a wiggly bottom and a licky tongue?????

Im not one of those to do a good vs bad Glambert..errrr fan sort of thing..
(in fact we are supposed to be careful about phrasing stuff like that here at AO)

So my personal answer as to what made me a Glambert has to do with the fact that Adam resonated in my heart and soul.. and it was a 'call to action' for me -
a call to listen, and enjoy, and celebrate, and join with others to support him and spread the happiness he brings to so many.
I am choosing how I can best support Adam with my talents... but in some ways I feel like the choice wasn't all mine.. there seems to be - for lack of a better description - an invisible force Eye-wink

@disco The raven was his animal for the younger fans.... with lots of feathers he says. Im sure that like the many layers or something! Ravens are pretty fierce birds too!

@glamgirl ok! I'll be a raven.

I remember that video its a recent one where Adam is asked by Carrie on the morning Buzz over a week ago... one of the questions she asks is "What animal describes a Glambert" He calls them cougars or ravens. He describes them as Majestic, beautiful and feminine.

I think a Glambert is someone who is passionate about Adam. Who respects his visions and path of music. I just think its someone who is a big fan of him all around. You don't need to watch or listen to every single interview to make you a Glambert... even though that's an addiction I have LOL. Someone who is knowledgeable about him.. most most of all loves his artistic path he takes. Someone who supports his mission and his career basically. Someone who is not afraid to say they like him... someone who stands tall when they say they are a fan. Someone who doesn't feel any guilt in liking his music. Support through buying his music is a number 1 characteristic of being a Glambert!

I would just say someone with lots of confidence in Adam's journey all together and supports him in any way they want or can. Some are able to do more than others, but that doesn't make you any less of a Glambert Smiling

Loving Adam to the ends of the earth, and risking carpal tunnel to do all the voting, requesting and blogging. Being a Glambert is a full-time job.

@disco Okay, good! Phew!

All I meant by 'everything' is his career. Whether or not you agree with some of Adam's beliefs is beside the point.

I hope that clears things up... Sad

@bella no offense taken. Just asking for clarification. Smiling

@bella no offense taken. Just asking for clarification. Smiling

@disco just quoting something adam said in a recent interview.... sorry.... I'm not trying to offend anyone!

I like LE's answer. No fandom is one-size-fits-all. You don't have to be fierce even, but hopefully you appreciate that Adam is. I don't have time to do everything some Glamberts do - I vote when I can, I watch interviews when I can, I watch performances when I can - I absolutely have not watched everything, not by a long shot. Different people have different amounts of time they can or want to devote to Adam. Not judging those who do more or less than you do is probably the best thing any of us can do as Glamberts.
@Bella - not all Glamberts are cougars, and labels like feminine, masculine, male, female, straight, gay, old, young, fierce or timid are all not applicable since Adam's fans cover the gamut of all those those things and more.

@bella why does one have to be "feminine" to be a Glambert?

Yeah, that's what I meant by "(Could be voting, requesting, or simply buying his music)" We all love Adam (obviously xD) and we all support him in different ways. I'm not making requesting every hour on the hour a requirement to be a Glambert. I certainly don't do that. And I'm definitely not making agreeing with every word Adam says or tweets a requirement. I didn't mean to offend anyone... Sad

Ok I feel less guilty now xD. Thanks LE

I like Foxy's description because I can't support EVERYTHING that Adam says or does. I don't even support my husband or kids with everything.

Calling yourself a Glambert just means you love Adam Lambert just like a Christian loves Jesus Christ. Some dedicate their life and most of their waking hours, some just like to listen to his music, some hang on his every word or Tweet, some check in once a week. There is no one size fits all description or minimum requirements. We are all different. What makes you a Glambert is that you say you are. Smiling

And what do good Glamberts do? I think the best thing they can do is not judge other Glamberts.

Ok I think I am missing something. @Bella. I do support all that Adam does but I do not watch all teh invertewis and performances and things of that nature.

Unshakable faith in Adam Lambert.

A Glambert is fiercely awesome, and a good Glambert does good things while being fierce.

Oh! You have to be a fierce Cougar! Fierce, Feminine, and Awesome.

1. Support Adam in everything (Could be voting, requesting, or simply buying his music)
2. Not being afraid to tell other people about Adam. THEY CAN RUN BUT THEY CAN'T HIDE. lol

My contribution. Anyone else?