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"My band SLAYS. Get ready 2013":

"My band SLAYS. Get ready 2013"

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Yes, I think you are correct about them being fast friends. I remember a pic from the GNT. It was after a show I think, as they were leaving the theater. Tommy ran up to Adam and gave him a spontaneous bear hug. The picture was sooo cute. Tommy is so short that his arms wrapped around Adam's waist LOLOL

I think the band is doing great and I am happy for Adam that he's surrounding himself with a group of musicians that he also enjoys hanging out with. Tommy seems to get most of the attention which is no surprise. He seems to be a real sweet guy who has been with Adam from the beginning and who happened to move into the spotlight pretty quickly. I see mainly positive, even worship-like comments about him and I hope that by now he has learned to brush off any negativity. Kudos to Adam for praising his band!

Tommy's a devoted and dedicated loyal friend to Adam....enough of the dissing from the outside don't ya think! Tommy's a beautiful guy and one hell of a guitarist! Adam kept everyone on the ball today anyway
rising above all the negaitive absurdities!

I think some of the animosity about Tommy has to do with fact that SOME people were upset when Adam got rid of his "other" guitar player and replaced him with Tommy. Some people can't stand change and, when it happens, they just can't deal it. It wouldn't matter if Tommy were the best, most accomplished musician on the world, they will never accept him because he is not the first guy. Personally, I love the sound of the band as it is now. I would like to see Isaac come back, but Rick is doing a fine job. Some people hated it when Longenou left, but he left on his own to return to Yellowcard. The thing about it is, Adam is the star, and his backup band will continue to change, because they are hired by the gig. I think the only reason Tommy is still with him is because they are fast friends and Tommy would rather be with Adam than anyone else. Even Tommy was playing for other bands while Adam was writing for his album, but as soon as Adam needed him, Tommy dropped what he was doing and came back to be with him. That is why I believe Adam is so loyal to Tommy. They are friends and would do anything for each other. Tommy is in it with Adam for the long haul!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, I figured it had something to do with Tommy. It usually does. Poor guy, I just hope his skin is as thick as Adam's.

Seems the fans either love him or hate. And some go way OTT with all that Adommy shipping. Cray.

And the other camp feels that they MUST tell him he's a lousy guitar player.

They should just leave him alone. Obviously, Adam adores him.

There were some people casting aspersions on the guitar playing, but these people couldn't play a guitar or teach guitar, yet with their blocked wooden ears they automatically KNOW what a C# is.

From things I've seen on twitter today, it appears that someone has been dissing Adam's band again. Prob why he sent that tweet.