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Keith Urban gives Adam a really nice mention in interview:

Keith Urban gives Adam a really nice mention in interview

In answer to a question about why he left The Voice to join the Idol judging panel, Keith mentions Adam

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He was talking about how successful even non-winners have become, hence Daughtry and Adam. I'm ever so grateful Adam was included in that statement and surprised Jennifer Hudson wasn't.

Very nice! Surprising to me that he didn't name Carrie Underwood, but so happy he mentioned Adam of course. @Lauriellen, that alum panel sounds good to me!

Nice to see the mention...
I will give credit to BOTH Kieth Urban and the author of the interview article for quoting Keith.
I probably would have expect most folks to name the female successes from Idol like Carrie and Kelly - so... Yes nice to see Adam's name...
the only argument I have is with the plurality...
AS IF!!!!
there is more than one Adam Lambert.... NOT a chance!!!
Adam Lambert is a SINGULAR talent and not one of many.

It's Hollywood week and where is Adam? Home in Hollywood.

I'm watching for an appearance. It looks to me like every time we want to put distance between Idol and Adam, something like this comes up. Adam has no gigs til 2/17.

There were waaaaaay too many Idol alums on VH1Divas. How about a panel of alums to help coach the contestants through Hollywood week?

Nice comments....I like Keith alot. In fact, he might be the only reason I watch Idol this year. I think Keith and Adam would have been good together as judges. Both have years of experience in the business and both are sweet...and talented!

I really love Keith Urban's music. In all of his interviews he comes across as a very humble, talented guy. It was my dream to have Adam and him together judging on Idol. But I'm certainly thrilled that Keith thought of Adam when he wanted to give an example of success stories from the show.

very nice!

That was nice to read. Keith Urban seems to be a nice guy. Thanks for posting.


Legitimate artist, baby!