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The album Beg For Mercy from Adam Lambert is really good! I think Adam should sing some of those songs because it's really good like Beg For Mercy and Pop goes the camera

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@SinemaSoft--BFM is the album of pre-idol songs that came out over a year ago. It is NOT Adam's new album. You need to read all the posts!

Wait wait wait!It already came out?????

Considering that yes, this subject is a touchy one for fans and possibly even more so for Adam, this thread is being moved to The Vent. In future, if any new fans post questions in AD concerning BFM (which is a natural thing a new fan might do, not knowing the history) please refer them to this thread in The Vent (maybe bookmark it for that purpose), and report the new thread for eventual removal. Thanks Glamberts.

In my opinion these songs on this album are not good but what was good was Adam's original songs that you can find on you tube. I even have a couple of them on my IPod. They enhanced these songs so badly that the vocals didn't even sound good. Before anybody says that I haven't heard the new ones, I have. Back in 2011 when the album was released someone had downloaded the album so I listened to a few of the tracks. Never have good back to listen to them again. If anybody wants to really hear better recordings of some of these songs sung by Adam before AI google them. You will find them on you tube.

Smiling @foxey - I feel your passion.... Smiling sorry

just trying to narrow the opportunity for more distorted hullabaloo to blossom out of this nasty can of worms...we all par-took of... it was a mess for sure.
all these posts do get archived on google and there they stay.....

Ohhh I see you want to play.... Eye-wink with the bootleg thing..
Adam knew he was being recorded ....
its all a copyright issue - the album is legal and the monies go to the copyright holders.
bootlegs bypass the copyright holders

and btw--from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Tomato-tomahto

Definition of BOOTLEG

: the upper part of a boot
: something bootlegged: as
a : moonshine
b : an unauthorized audio or video recording


You're going to kill me with semantics.

OK--he fought it in legal battles. I do believe that some or all of the papers were filed in a court of law. And the rulings/settlement were recorded in the same court of law. There were dates and deadlines set by the court of law. A judge was involved. I'm not sure, but I think the respective lawyers appeared before the judge to file motions, etc.

No trial does not equal no court.

Doesn't matter--the result is the same.

@foxey... yur gonna kill me... but to be precise Eye-wink

the case never went to court - they settled prior to any trial

@deepdarksea - I'm sorry but I totally disagree that this album does not affect Adam in any way and I'll give you some details of why it is such a sore subject with many of us:

1) Trespassing's release was delayed because BFM was targeted to be released at the same time (just like Take One was released by the same people at the same time FYE was being released) plus the producers of BFM were using Adam's own tweets about his real new music as promotion for BFM, inferring BFM was his new album of new music when it was not.
2) It was a 6 month delay of releasing his real new music, and having his attention taken away from Trespassing, to fight the legal battles over BFM that meant none of his new music was heard until casual fans had just about forgotten him. I am certain that had an impact on Trespassing's sales.
3) It ended his longtime business relationship and friendship with Monte because Monte wanted BFM released and was promoting it on his own website. As we know, Adam is fiercely loyal to his friends, and I would imagine that split was very painful for him.

I'm sure there are many others ways that it affects Adam, but those are some big ones. Who knows how much money he lost and emotional distress he suffered due to the delay of his own music, people buying BFM thinking that was his new music when it was not, and the whole lawsuit things. Big name entertainment lawyers like he had don't come cheap - they charge upwards of $500 an hour.

Adam is gracious, he signs whatever people ask him to, but as painful as he has said (and he did say it himself) to sign Take One, I think BFM brings on even greater pain because there was a much bigger cost to him both personally and professionally.

I don't deny you your right to enjoy the music, just think that all fans should be well-informed about how the release of that music absolutely does affect Adam.

It's touchy because Adam got SCREWED by the people involved in the release of the CD. He fought its release in court and makes little--some say nothing--in royalties from the sale of the CD. Once again: Adam does not support this CD in any way.

No one hates the SONGS. In fact, many of us have some of those songs in our digital music libraries in the form of mp3's ripped from Citizen Vein performances. Citizen Vein was the band Adam was with for a while before American Idol. Many of the songs on BFM are Citizen Vein songs.

I respect your answers but why is it a touchy subject?.. It doesn't give Adam a reputation and it just give us glamberts more song of his so why hate more songs? It doesn't affect Adam anyway..

@Tyler - I respect your opinion about respecting Adam on this subject.
But the OP commented and asked a question and people here have answered and voiced their own opinion. - I don't feel any of the comments are promoting the album.

I also feel that a discussion of BFM - although tiresome at times - needs to be done.
If new fans - who did not endure the BFM issue here on AO - do not understand WHY folks are touchy ... or WHY some don't want to talk about it - new fans wont have a clue as to WHY the subject brings out strong emotions.

Additionally, for those that feel the way you do... by becoming informed - new fans (and others) will be able to make the decision to buy or not to buy based on their own personal and informed choice.

I hope we could all take a clue from Adam...avoid the fandom infights... and as I have seen him graciously do...he signs the Take One and BFM albums, smiles and answers nicely when asked.

Knowing what Adam thinks of this "album" and its release I find it utterly disrespectful towards him to trying to promote this here on his official site.

@msjamine.... ya got me on that one...
the Queen Kiev DVD...- AND there was one for the London shows too.

Bootleg doesn't begin to cover the description of that unit -

To the best of my ability, I was unable to detect anything from the look and description of those DVDs as legal - from the pictures on the cover to the source for the footage... everything was 'borrowed' and used outside of all legal right to the owners of the material.

Too bad... the THIRST for Adam's music was not anticipated in such a way that a LEGIT album would have be planned.
AND when are they gonna wake up and start LIVE Streaming the concerts - (yes for a small cost) - to create a profit center.
Heck if Adam is performing small venues to 900 - 5000 sold out...and the lousy stealth cell casts draw another 2000 + worldwide... THink of what a good quality ADVERTISED live stream would generate at about $5 a ticket.

sorry - went off topic....
oh wait... this BFM is a touchy topic that no one likes anyway Eye-wink

I agree with you! I enjoy Beg for Mercy. I see nothing wrong with buying it an enjoying it. It is part of Adam's history. I know many of us bought the dvd of the The Ten Commandments musical that Adam did several years before Idol. That is not part of his "current vision". Many also purchased the bootleg copy of Adam's concert in Kiev with Queen.

I think with the digital age.. and easy reproduction of CDs
in and outside of the USA - a bootleg is a knockoff.. much like f@ke handbags with designer labels etc. meaning they are counter-feit and NO ONE profits except the counter-feiters - they are being produced illegally.

BFM is a legit album ( the 'dirty dogs' DO have the right to publish it) ... and (although I cannot verify) Adam prob. does receive $$ in small amounts for his writing royalties.

**stupid spam filter would not let me type the words above without the dash in the middle**


Perhaps I used the term incorrectly. To me, "bootleg" means tracks that were obtained and sold without the artists permission. It does NOT mean fakes or imitators. Back in the day, there used to be a lot of "bootleg" recordings of various big-name artists; they were frequently obtained by people using recording equipment at the artists' live shows. Sometimes it was from stolen tapes. These days, most of them come from web sources.

@foxey... my comment leans towards being a little more precise:

BFM is not a bootleg... it is unauthorized by Adam.
some songs are his music,
it IS his voice
it is NOT his current vision (as per Adam himself) of his published work.

@deepdark.... in a nutshell... Adam lost full legal and artistic control of some of his early musical recordings because of (poorly thought out) contracts that he agreed to prior to entering the Idol competition.
Unfortunately, his trajectory to fame caused the other parties in the contract to look closely at how they could exploit their control of these recordings... and they did - errr tried.

I loved the first version of Pop Goes the Camera but not so much the BFM version
and there is one song on BFM i like.... but I forgot the name...
maybe it is the title song....

Oh and don't count on him singing any of these songs...not only am I 99% positive (in my opinion) he WILL NOT do that.... to add salt to the wound ... he would likely have to pay royalties to the very people who exploited him .. just to sing them.


BFM is not Adam's album. It is a bootleg of old songs he did. He fought it's release and does not support it in any way.

Others on here can fill in the details if they wish. That's all from me--touchy subject.