Adam Lambert excited to begin work on third studio album :

Adam Lambert excited to begin work on third studio album

Hope this silences the doom & gloomers

Adam Lambert excited to begin work on third studio album

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I am wondering if Adam will focus on catering to his existing fans first before trying to break into new markets or win old Idol fans back. Regardless, pop/rock seems like an obvious choice to me. From what I can tell there is hardly any fan who wouldn't love more of a rock edge, but may be the international audiences feel different. Still, the phenomenon of Adele's success across the world is a perfect example that a good song has an audience across the board. I am still wondering how much Adam wanted to tell us when he tweeted the link to the Idol CIGC performance.

@shelbybb I couldn't agree more.

#3 needs to have a serious pop/rock vibe. Those of us that love that side of his sound have waited patiently. Hope he can make it happen and win some rock fans back Smiling

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Thanks for your info. Love to know that Adam is working for his third album soon!

Well, he did amazingly well with Classic Rock Queen. Perhaps he will go in that direction. It really suits his flavor, voice, and look, well. Also, many people love it. A lot of people that love country love classic rock as well. It's a good seller. Adam's voice just amazed me with Queen. He should go in that direction. He already owns Who Wants to Live Forever. He definitely has a voice for it. That's for sure. I hope that his voice hangs in there front and center though. Adam did a amazingly great job of editing his Glam Nation Live audio. It was magnificent. I love that album even more then the studio one. He had some great classic rock tunes on FYE. I just loved Sleepwalker, and Soaked. So, amazing. So, we will see. Trespassing is a great album too, but I don't think the public wanted that from him. They usually let you know.

Whatever he decides, he'll always have my support. He's an amazing vocalist, and I can't wait to see him back up on the stage in theater, and even movies. He's got so much to offer the entertainment industry. TV is great, but it's so fickle, and shows come and go like lightning. There are so many out there, you can't watch them all. My hubby and I just like certain shows, and we're really set in our ways. CBS is big with us. So, I'm glad that he's going to record again. Just love him.


Maybe...or maybe not. Who knows? But your not the only one thinking that way I've seen it all over twitter too.

Speaking of twitter, just in case you missed it: a couple of days ago a fan asked Adam about going more rock for album #3, and he replied *wink*

So make of that what you will Smiling I know where my mind's going with it!

Am I reading too much in this tweet? "2013 is going to ROCK" Smiling

I hope this next album will reflect even more how unique and extraordinary Adam really is. Give me that "sexy rebel with a smile" vibe, Adam!

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Ed Sherran has had a lot of success with just his voice, so obviously that's a priortity going into #3, but it needs to be cohesive and sonic like Trespassing. It needs to fit a trend in terms of radio, as much as Adam could just release a very emotive vocal based song, but how many songs in Top 40 right now are based on actual singing apart from Sherran, Adele, and maybe Mars. A song like Hold On really shows off his vocals, has dubstep (very current), great production, and its original and fresh and its edgy. Or a song like Runnin, guess I want him to keep the same of kind of style in Trespassing but simplfy his sound to a more Darker Rock fused with Pop Genre, who knows what the sound is going to be, but it should garner him a few grammy noms Eye-wink

noskerdycat, Ditto from me. I want Adam as ADAM, with the distinctive voice, look, attitude, style. The Adam we all fell in love with. If the next album has a different sound, more rock, or whatever,that's fien with me. I just want Adam, pushing the envelope, making quality music that lots of people want to listne to.

signature without discipline

Oh yeah it should be Adam Lambert signature but just in terms of his audience demo, and marketing singles for Radio, but he should be true to himself at the same time.

AMEN! (to what noskerdy said)

I don't want Adam to sound-like anyone... except Adam Lambert in full glory with a signature sound.
The absolute LAST thing I want to hear is that Adam's music is like someone that already exists.

I prefer to hear / read that Adam's music is all his own.
and not have him described or pigeon holed as sounding like anything but himself..

and I want to hear that the genre of music he is creating ..or defining is enlightening musical tastes.

Alfann, you expressed my feelings perfectly. Every time I listen to Trespassing, which is still quite often, I get angry that these exceptional songs were ignored by radio. Don't know what it's going to take to change that but I will remain hopeful that Album 3 will do the trick.

@ALfann, I think whenever Adam tours next he will likely include quite a few songs from TP in his repertoire.

Adam clarified in interviews that album #3 well have a very different vibe and sound to Trespassing, I am hoping for a pop/rock sound like in a Kelly Clarkson/Pink Mould or Genre, no Classic Rock at all.

I am both excited for era 3 and totally PO'd at radio in the US and Canada for not embracing at least one of the three singles from Adam's awesome "Trespassing" album. IMO, all of the songs are better than most of the crap that gets played ad nauseam on radio these days. "Trespassing" well deserved it's day in the sun. It dissapoints me that its not gonna happen here now.

@foxeylady, thanks for copying the latest Adam tweets. When I read about "a brand new exploration" I got super excited. I sent Adam quite a few tweets today and I am really excited that he is seizing the opportunity now(!) to keep progressing. I really hope that he will surround himself with a knowledgable team that will help catapult him to the next level. He has superstar written all over him!

Thanks UKGlambert. Here's a couple of Adam's tweets to go along with that. tweeted at 6:24 and 6:28 EST today.

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We have evolved together with For Your Entertainment and Trespassing.... #3 will be a brand new exploration! Smiling

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Glamberts! I have so many ideas for my third studio album!!! So excited to start creating new recordings for you all! 2013 is gonna rock!!