** Latest Look at Adam's Worldwide Success With Trespassing **:

** Latest Look at Adam's Worldwide Success With Trespassing **

Hello everyone, I posted this at the @RequestAdam web site (http://requestadamlambert.com/intl), but also wanted to make sure it was here as well. There are links in various entries if you go to the above URL.

Trespassing (single) hit #1 on Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales chart!
Trespassing (album) reached #1 on Billboard 200 Albums and Billboard Digital Albums charts!
NCOE peaked at #6 on Billboard Dance/Club Play chart!

Trespassing (album) reached #10 on ARIA Top 50 Albums.

Trespassing at #1 on Unistar Top 20; NCOE and BTIKM went to the top previously!

Trespassing and NCOE played on Q Music (Brussels).
NCOE hit #14 on the Ultratip official chart)!

NCOE hit #1 on this Top 20 chart!

Trespassing reached #2 on The Voice’s Wishlist Top 30 chart!
NCOE reached #10 in airplay chart Top 30 and #3 on Top 10 chart on The Voice! Also reached #1 on The Voice’s Wishlist Top 30 chart.

Trespassing (album) reached #1 on Canadian Albums and Digital Albums charts!

Trespassing peaked at #4 on Hit FM Top 20 Chart; this is the nation’s biggest
English radio station!

Trespassing debuted at #54 on Danish ChartBase 100; click 5 stars and vote!
NCOE peaked at #4 on Danish ChartBase 100!
Trespassing (album) reached #10 on Top 40 Albums chart.

NCOE hit#3 on SKY-RADIO FM Sky Parade chart!

Trespassing hit #1 on NJR Top 10!
NCOE (like BTIKM) remained #1 on NJR Top 10 basically for several months. NCOE also followed BTIKM to #1 at Ylex!

NCOE reached #1 overall on iTunes.
Trespassing (album) reached #1 overall on iTunes.
Trespassing (album) reached #2 on the albums chart.

NCOE peaked at #17 on Mainstream Radio chart!

NCOE hit #3 on the Viva TV Online Weekly Top 10 Chart!
NCOE reached #1 overall on iTunes.
Trespassing (album) reached #1 overall on iTunes.
Trespassing (album) reached #1 on Top Albums chart!

Trespassing reached #1 on Top 40 countdown on 96.2 Kiss FM Jember.
Trespassing debuted at #18 on MusicCity FM Countdown 25 in Jakarta.
NCOE hit #8 on Phoenix Radio Top 40 in Bali!

NCOE hit #15 on 100FM chart!

NCOE peaks on Billboard Japan: #1 on Digital and Airplay Overseas, #2 on Hot Top Airplay, #6 on AC Airplay and #9 on Japan Hot 100!

Other peaks for NCOE:
#3 on Greater Tokyo Daily Airplay chart
#5 on the Zip FM Zip Hot 100 countdown
#6 on Countdown Radio BayFM
#7 on Cosmo Pops Best 10 Countdown (Tokyo)
#9 on KISS FM Kobe weekly chart
#11 on Love FM Top 40
#17 on the Osakan Hot 100
#45 on McDonald’s Tokio Hot 100

NCOE hit #7 on Mix FM 104.4 Top 20 chart!

NCOE peaked at #4 at Music.lt Top 40!

New Zealand
Both national stations, The Edge and ZM, added NCOE to their playlists.
NCOE #hit 24 on RIANZ Top Singles chart.
Trespassing (album) reached #4 on Top Albums chart.

Trespassing reached #1 on the 10 Strong weekly countdown on Mellow 94.7!
Trespassing was #1 on Manila Monster Radio 93.1 daily survey.
NCOE hit #1 on Manila Monster Radio 93.1 Top 7 countdown!

NCOE reached #8 on EuropaPlus Radio Top 40 (Moscow)!
NCOE hit #2 on RADIOSIBIR Tomsk Top 20 chart!
NCOE peaked at #1 on MUZ-TV!
NCOE reached #18 on combined monthly airplay chart (Russia and Ukraine) for Top Hit 100!

Trespassing peaked at #4 on Singapore Top 30 Hits!
NCOE hit #1 on Singapore Top 30 Hits!
BTIKM reached #1 on Singapore Top 30 Hits and finished #11 on 2012 Top 100 countdown!

South Africa
Trespassing played on 94.5Kfm in Capetown. Adam had two concerts in mid-November in Capetown and Johannesburg.

NCOE #1 for several weeks in a row on JacardaFM Top 20 Countdown (Johannesburg, vote)! NCOE debuted at #14 on 94.7 Highveld’s Top 40 (Johannesburg)!

NCOE reached #2 on the Radio FM1 Top 30 Chart Show!

NCOE hit #3 on the ICRT FM 100 Top 10!

NCOE reached #17 on the UK singles chart.
Trespassing (album) reached #17 on Top 100 Albums chart.

NCOE reached #18 on combined monthly airplay chart (Russia and Ukraine) for Top Hit 100!

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@Indy, this is amazing information that you took the trouble to compile. THANK YOU!

To me, it all goes to show that where Adam's music is played on the radio, it is a consistent chart topper.

I'm also getting a nasty giggle out of all the countries that are supposed to be so "repressed" that are having no problem rocking out to Adam Lambert. Meanwhile, America's once-venerated-now-decrepit music rag, the Rolling Stone, felt it necessary to denigrate Adam's music the instant it became clear that the public loves him despite ALL the mainstream industry's attempts to shut him down. Poor babies.

I love seeing the chart ratings! Looks like a lot of good showings! Are there any figure in on the sales relevant to these ratings?

@kokoca Welcome to AO. It's always nice to see a new fellow Canadian on the board. I agree. Trespassing is an incredible album. I never get tired of playing it.

Hi @carter Thanks for the additional stats from Canada.

Trespassing is an amazing CD! It's wonderful to see a statistic on how well it was received world-wide! Congratulations to you Adam!

@Indy thank you fro compiling this awesome list - it really puts things into perspective.

The TRESPASSING single did very well in Quebec on both Montreal's The Beat and on CKOI
TRESPASSING came in at #43 on CKOI's TOP 50 Songs of 2012

TRESPASSING also did very well on CKOI's daily 6@6 countdown and on their weekly TOP 30, peaking at #2 on both countdowns.

so happy to see this list of TRESPASSING's world wide success - Congrats Adam!

Great collection! Well its missing only one, not much talked, the top#1 and #3 place for NCOE in Portugal on Radio Comercial 97.7.

thx indy for putting the work in to compile this. very much appreciated. --
great news too!

What a detailed report. Thanks for all your hard work. It seems like it is the first information I have seen on Trespassing at all.

Thank you for this! How well did BTIKM do? Did it chart anywhere?

@3ku1 ... thanks for the sales info. As for NCOE's peak in New Zealand, I really believe it was #24. You can use this link and check every week via the drop-down menu (song was released in late May/early June) http://nztop40.co.nz/chart/singles?chart=1953

Last update for Trespassing world wide sales about 6 months ago was about 380,000 K nearing 400k, sure about now but maybe nearly half a million worldwide. Ncoe in NZ actually peaked #17 on NZ Top 40 Singles.

Wow I"m very impressed with the statistics. It has been years since we have received any from this site. BRAVO to whomever is managing it now. I have a question I've been trying to get answered for months.

What are the sales for TSP Album worldwide
Has TSP Album reached Gold or Platinum in any country? I remember it reached GOLD but don't remember which country? Maybe SAfrica?

What are sales for NCOE in US and other countries?

Any info is appreciated.


Thank You for all of your work putting this thread together.

Brilliant, this is definitely the place to come when idiots in comments sections are bleating on about what a 'Failure' Adam is just because US radio doesn't play him much. There is more than one way to be successful.

In fact we are fighting for Adam) Glamberts storm radio and music channels include more songs from "Trespassing". And we sad that we don't always hear. Adam deserves a lot more in this country, I'm just sure of it!

Thanks for all this info. He is an International Star! Smiling

This is great! Everyone whining about Adam's lack of success needs to come and see this Smiling He's bigger than US fu**ing radio--he's a global star!

That's impressive!!

Thanks for collecting all the data <3

Thanks for putting that together!

Thank you for all the info