3rd Album Possibly Coming in 2013?:

3rd Album Possibly Coming in 2013?

Okay so Adam Has shared on Twitter that he is in the process of working on new music and praised 2013 so I am assuming this means a new album this year! I know it hasn't even been a year since Trespassing but, I was thinking maybe in 2013 or early 2014! I don't know but, I am already kind of excited! I hope album 3 will be even more successful because sadly because Trespassing was a #1 album but, didn't produce #1 singles and no number #1 singles from FYE! Us fans need to work even harder on album 3 and vote like crazy on radio stations and video stations to help Adam reach #1 singles! Also you can buy from itunes if that's your thing! Anyway what do you all think? Do you think a new album will come this year or next year? I just hope if the album is gonna come in 2014 then I want at least 1 new song this year! I am hoping this coming fall there will be at least a new song! Anxiously waiting already and hope Adam keeps us updated on the album process!

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Problem was Adam doesn't walk like a duck, look like a duck, or sing like a duck. Cuz he ain't a duck. He's a swan.

WHOA!!!! Literally got chills up my back reading that! A swan.

And so he is.

To me, the next album needs to reflect a quest to find his rightful place among the all-time greats. I'm not saying it's easy to churn out an album like that, or that every cut will be wonderful, but it's time to go there. Nothing less than greatness (I didn't say record sales - that's out of his hands) will fulfill his destiny,

Wise words, jiwhit. It's been part of Adam's journey to get here where he is - being mentored by iconic musicians worthy of his talent who know just a little something about greatness Eye-wink. Hopefully, something of their wisdom will take root in him and he will finally embrace the true greatness within himself. Those are the words I used to describe him way back in AI days. I kept saying to my family, friends, online, that "he has GREATNESS in him." It's been hard for many of us to wait for that greatness to manifest in his music to the degree that he will take his rightful place among the true greats. But TBH I often wonder if the rare swan today can ever be recognized amongst the ducks quacking so loudly and raucously around him. And I wonder if the masses today have such a developed taste for duck that the swan is ugly to them.

And I do think Adam still seeks to just be accepted by the in crowd, the ducks. As much as he struts his own plumage, he still has to come a little further in completely throwing off that need for approval and acceptance from the VIP-ers among his peers. I think he will only truly come into his own when he no longer cares for nor needs their approval. He must come to the place where he looks in the mirror and no longer sees a "freak", but rather, a SWAN.


I hope Adam has something ready to go in time for Glee. People will be looking him up and wanting music.

The Glee audience loves the big, showy, vocal-driven presentation, and I hope Adam gives them that in a single. I have nothing against Adam's pop music - I play it to death - but I always felt that he spent way too much time and effort chasing the pop music ducks as they all traveled in a row, doing more or less the same things musically. Problem was Adam doesn't walk like a duck, look like a duck, or sing like a duck. Cuz he ain't a duck. He's a swan.

That's why Brian May and Roger Taylor said that Adam fits in with them so easily. To me, the next album needs to reflect a quest to find his rightful place among the all-time greats. I'm not saying it's easy to churn out an album like that, or that every cut will be wonderful, but it's time to go there. Nothing less than greatness (I didn't say record sales - that's out of his hands) will fulfill his destiny, IMO.

I guess now all it depends on now is how its going to get released and distributed. I'm not sure if Adam is signed to another label or not or is just going to go rogue and having it distributed through DGM. He keeps popping out surprises so maybe he's just waiting for the right timing. Smiling He is going to be at a casino on New Years so here's hoping.
@glambertlover12, I hope he comes to your state too. I've been hoping that he gets to do a proper tour for album three so he just might come soon Smiling

I want Adam Lambert to come to Iowa. Someone should like contact his concert planner person and tell him to come to like Iowa State Fair or Spencer Fair in like 2014.

I want Adam Lambert to come to Iowa. Someone should like contact his concert planner person and tell him to come to like Iowa State Fair or Spencer Fair. <3

I want Adam Lambert to come to Iowa. Someone should like contact his concert planner person and tell him to come to like Iowa State Fair or Spencer Fair. <3

It's too bad that Glee's music label is a company owned by Sony. That pretty much eliminates the show as a direct route to a new label for Adam.

6 Sept 2013
Adam New Album.
Very new direction. Jumping into something totally new, but with strains of the old.
It will be darker – heavy base, pounding drum, sparkling guitar.
It will have fire – think Bruce Springsteen and Meatloaf’s Bat Outta Hell.
Album success: Yes, because he OWNS it. He may have misgivings and worries, but this one will be a walk over the charts.

I think Adam is as eager for his new music to come out as we are. He wants a big hit and would die for another Grammy nom/win. I don't think another album will come out till after Glee has revved up for him. Those Glee fans could really start liking him on the show and would likely buy his new album. It's all in the timing. The Queen and Avicii/Nile connecition should give him more exposure to a larger audience. He WILL have new music out next year. I'm sure of it.


Oh I certainly hope so~ And welcome to AO Smiling

So, I'm guessing summer 2014 Adam is going on tour again???

Bump since Adam has performed Love Wins Over Glamour (but isn't going to be released) and has been in the studio since at least late March. Since he still has sporadic concerts since WAG things are looking up! Adam seems to be taking a more secretive approach with recording, but that might be for the better

Adam already said new matarial well be on album #3, but hope too see hold on released too suits Adam, but unlikely.

Ok now everything changed with the recently situation, including the inspiration... i'm just waiting to be surprised with his new work; i trust on him!

I've listened to some of Adam's demos recently (i.e. Kiss and Tell, Hold on, even Matthew Bellamy's version of Soaked) and wondered if Adam and his new management would be interested in revamping discarded songs from F.Y.E. and Trespassing for his next album. And Then We Kiss was a discarded song from In The Zone that Britney Spears' team included on her first remix album, so he wouldn't be the first singer to do that. I also second some of the other comments on here that this situation could change the course of new music.

I don't know any of the saulbert split particulars but heartbreak tends to change the music pattern and create wonderful ballads, etc. whatta you think?

Oh yeah I would be for a possible Judging Gig but maybe on X Factor then AI, then he would be refered to as XF judge haha, but imo tv's his selling point and he should utilize it.

@3ku1: You said: "the masses in america still see him and the media for his AI tv persona, he needs to break away from that".

So are you one of those that would prefer that he not get an AI judging gig? I'm kind of on the fence, because on the one hand I feel exactly as you do. But then, I do realise that he needs the exposure.

Anyway, back to the new album. I'm looking forward to it. And like @ PhantomCloneInX said, it would speed up the process to release some of the stuff he wrote in the early part of the Tresspassing process that was later discarded. I was always curious about the stuff that he "thought was really cool but just wasn't connecting with people" that he had listen.

Yeah hoping for a summer single release and maybe album Late Nov 2013 - Jan 2014.

I am hoping for a successful single to drop this year, hopefully by the summer, that will set the tone/vibe for album #3!

Well I don't think the change in management was the problem, he split from 19E who deal with Adams royalties and salaries, he is basically exclusively signed to RCA now. His new management is now DMG the same label that manages Katy Perry, they have really helped her develop into a megastar, thing is Adam's prooved he is a international megastar, its more his status and persona in the US, his lack of radio play, and the form of reality stigma still associated with his name and AI. Looking at Katy Perry compared to Adam, she was virtually an unknown before making it big, she was actually dropped by 3 labels with unsuccesfull releases of albums before she was dropped, but she got some media attention when she got nominated for a Golden Globe for backing vocals, where as Adam took the non-tradational route, which has really now become the tradational route to the music industry a reality show, theirs a misconception that American Idol, XF, The Voice are a fast track to success and that the artists coming off these shows diddn't work for their success, which is true in some cases but when you look at Adam he definatley payed his dues, its just these days its harder to get signed unless your creating buzz and demand. The only way Adam is going to be at Gaga level or potentialy the biggest popstar since MJ, is getting rid of the AI image, AI seems to attract the masses more the industry tends too. Back to KP she got signed to DMG when she was about 19, she had trial and errors but they gave her time to find her demographic and audience. I hear people saying who are not Adam Lambert fans, saying great voice and great look but they don't really know his sound, if you look at all the major current pop stars from the male game ala JB, Mars, JT e.t.c. They all have a blueprint and a demographic Pop-rnb and that sound really sells and attracts that Top 40 Demographic that is really marketble, same with the pop girls. Trespassing in terms of its genre was a album living in a game dominated by the pop girls, their was just too much competition in 2012 for it to survive, I mean if I was a radio DJ and had the choice of playing Rhianna and KP who have radio hit after radio hit then Adam Lambert who's single NCOE is kinda in the same genre, but his last hit was in 2010 with WWFM which was a completely different genre, and seeing his music is not making much of an impact in any other media outlets like Itunes or YT, I would probably play Rhianna and KP. Adam needs to find his own demographic he is a developing artists, but he is getting their I would like too see more pop/rock on album #3 I think thats his sound and he should harness it to its full potential.

I do wonder why Trespassing did not do as well, especially in the US! Why little to no radio airplay? Does anybody think that it has to do w/ the change in management right around the time of release? Could it be that his new management team was limited do to something contractual? I do hope that this new album gets the radio airplay that I already know it will deserve! I will be excited to hear anything that he chooses to release! Bring it on! Laughing out loud

AHHHH I'm soo excited!!! I wonder what the new album name gonna be?

Well I remember Shoshanna in response to a fan on twitter asking her if its true re collab, and she was a bit cryptic in her response, so you never know.

Just imagine if it will be a smash single like Telephone, which ironically was pitched to Britney Spears first.


Wow. If that turns out to be true, that would be HUGE! Even if it's just one song.

I read it got leaked some where Adam may be collobarating with Gaga on her new album, it's set for release in the Summer. Although theirs no confirmation that Adam well be collaborating with Gaga, I would love for them to collab, they have similar style senses and performing styles.

Grammy cutoff is end of September. If a single is released before that date, it would be considered for 2013, with an album after that date considered eligible for 2014. When is gaga releasing?

Whatever Adam does, I hope the label or management give him a huge promo this time around. I am sure I will like the new album, but just hope they put out a great single.

I love rocker Adam......for ex: Time for Miracles was my favorite look, video.....on Idol I loved Whole Lotta Love. But Adam will probably surprise us......so really useless to speculate. Smiling

What's the timeline for Grammy noms? I think new music has to be released by Oct or Nov to be eligible for a Grammy that year--someone please confirm the correct date.

Would it be hoping for too much to think he might have it out by then? That would coincide with Christmas season sales too.

Adam can't keep us waiting too long this time. A new single is June sounds like a good idea to me. He can keep us happy with it and other promotion until the next album, which I PRAY is no later than January, hopefully sooner. Hope the whole promotion strategy changes this time around!!!!!

Oh just read on twitter that theirs been speculation that he may be premeiring the single in June I think he is headlining a festival around then, theirs no confirmation but I was just reporting what I've read thats all.

@3ku - where did you read/hear that we might get a single in June?

Heard that new music single that is may be coming by June, like the idea of that thought the problems with Trespassing was its genre and the fact its rollout and timing was all wrong. A June single release coinciding with a maybe December-January album release. As for the album itself I have no idea lol don't think anyone does, remember before Trespassing was released it might of been Rolling Stone or Billboard, but said if other pop stars changed their sound and went in a complete other direction (FYE was Glam/Pop/Rock, Trespassing Pop/Dance/Funk) but thats the beauty of Adam and his fanbase he can do any genre, that imo is a blessing but also a hinder. If you look at all the current male pop stars right now JB, Mars e.t.c. They both have a particular sound and know their demographic and their label target the specific part of that demographic, they are pop-rnb thats their blueprint. What is Adam? Pop? Rock? Funk? Dance? Thats the problem he in Trespassing found his style he needs to use that and solidify his sound in album #3. I want him to go rock but not Classic Rock, if people are under the expectation he is going to go all out rock people well be dissapointed, I don't want that for him he is not the next Freddie Mercury he is the next Adam Lambert, and I want this album to be distinctive and Adam Lambert signature. Want to have it a more rock vibe, I would like too see Adam go in a more Darker Rock direction, that song that was leaked hold on perfectly captures Adam, edgy voice and edgy style. Songs like Trespassing and Cuckoo and Runnin be involved, but a more Darker Rock fused with a Pop genre, with a soul and blues vibe, with some pop rnb songs, some acoustic-electric guitar ballads, and maybe some Adelish adult-contemporary songs. I also though the target music genre Top 40, HAC e.t.c. was wrong when BTIKM was released its target should of been HAC then targeting Top 40, WWFM went in that way and it was a massive hit. The album like Trespassing I hope well be cohesive, problem is though with no real US radio hits off Trespassing it's going to be difficult, just going the tradational route release single have some promo with a live performance on tv and hope it convinces the public to buy the single off Itunes, and hope it rises and gets radio attention. IMO Adam needs to either 1. Collobarate with a big name artist or 2. Work around radio, kinda like PLL get a single on a tv show, hope it goes viral on YT most of the songs last year that were huge radio hits went viral first on YT, SIYTK, CMM, GS. And with now Billboard rating Youtuve veiws going towards Billboard Hot 100 its very important. And I also think he needs a regular tv appearence in a tv show, the masses in america still see him and the media for his AI tv persona, he needs to break away from that he has internationaly clearly, IMO he has proven internatioanlly he is a megastar along side the levels of Gaga, but in america theirs still a form of reality stigma, breaks away from that the skys the limit. Anway looking forward to album #3.

Hi Shinygirl!

I know just how you feel. In fact, I think we're ALL dying for album 3!! I hope it's soon-ish Smiling

Im absolutly going insane! Im dying.for his new album. Im also.dying for him to do a world tour so he can come to either London Ontario, or.Toronto.Ontario <3 no matter what Adam will always have a place in our hearts. He deserves so much and I hope we can push his news songs to.number 1 around the globe. Let's do it for him! <3

@moovie lol

You're not alone, disco. I heard it too. And for me it's the best possible news. Sure, I want Adam to be successful and rich, but more than anything I want him to be happy. And this is a man who will never be happy inside of any box.

BWAHAHAHA! I just reread that for double entendre. Eye-wink

After listening to Sam Sparro's intro and Adam's speech when receiving his award last night, I am more convinced than ever about what is most important to Adam given the choice of being true to himself or Beiber like fame. However, I may be misconstruing the words. #justmyopinion

@MoovieBassets I wasent exactly comparing Adam to Ed Sherran neccessarily in terms of Style or Vocal style, more genre and actual singing in their genre, that only exists beyond Sherran and Timberlake. I disagree about JB like fame or Gaga like fame, we already know Adam is true to himself and is art. Adam doesent obsess with his music from what ive seen like Gaga for example or even MJ did, hes famous enough and modest enough to just enjoy his success, maybe thats a blessing in disguise. I only describe Gaga like fame as Adam making a certain type of music or being commercial enough to get their, its been prooven in 2012 theirs no formula or blueprint for success. Their is for certain artists like JB and Mars who are pop-rnb and Gaga, Perry, Kesha, Rhianna Pop/Dance. Adam can do any genre he can do anything really lol, I just have a feeling the industry dont really get Adam and theirs a form of reality stigma still associated with him. Unfortunatley AI reaches out to so many people even more then the industry tends to, IMO beyond everything else thats his big hurdle. Adam really does have the potential to be the biggest megastar on the planet especially in music, difference between Adam, JB, and even Gaga is he is a more cross-genre artist and has the potential to impact media, culture, and popular music in a larger landscape. JB and Gaga have done it all cant see them evolving all changing at all, theirs so many ppl who dont know who Adam is. Anyway for album #3 go in a more pop/rock direction, but with some soft rock ballads too, and some electric-guitar ballads, and some adelish adult-contemporary songs with a soul bluesey vibe.

An interesting thought....knowing that Adam recorded a bunch of music prior to the release of Trespassing and that some of that music was in a pop/rock vein (i.e. Take Back, Hold On, Runnin'), could it be possible that he could just release an album of stuff he's already recorded that's more of the pop/rock variety, instead of the dance/pop music.

Even if he does record some new stuff this year, I'm sure there's an entire back catalogue of unreleased songs (such as Suburban Decay, which was held off of FYE) that could help pad out an album and get it released quicker.

Who knows? i'm only making guesses. But knowing that there's Adam music out there that's been recorded but not released makes me hunger for it even more.

Let's face it, once you "made it" to the top and gotten the highest respect (and that includes sales) it's much easier to be "true to yourself." People will accept you more readily once they know you've already hit it really high. I think Adam really wants to achieve superstar status in all ways he can: sales, awards, performances, concerts, and yes, respect. He's on his way, but his path is not an over-night success teen idol thing. I am always amazed at the people " in the business" who are really in awe of his talent and give hiim lots of praise, and liking him personally, too, when they meet him, Some fo the most legendary artists really think of him as a peer. That means a lot.

I've always said this and I still believe it: as long as Adam stays true to his heart, he will not lose. The prize isn't Beiber-like fame in my mind. The prize is creating art that is expressed from the heart and changes people's lives. Adam already has that in bucketfuls. He won't fail, he can't fail. As long as he stays true to himself he wins the prize.

While I agree, and this certainly reflects my own values, we can't be completely sure how Adam himself defines the "prize". He may want to stay true to his heart, but doing so may include compromising to some extent, playing the game, so to speak, to up his chances of doing better on radio which is what most successful artists do by necessity. I suspect he does as evidenced by songs like Cuckoo and the BM penned NCOE being included on his album. Adam is an artist first and foremost, but I don't discount that he has strong ambitions to be a Pop star. I think, for Adam, staying true to his heart requires being an idealist but with a strong dose of realist in the mix.

To be honest, I can't imagine Adam having Beiber-like fame. He is too good for that. And I mean that sincerely.

I used to think this was possible. But now I agree with what you say here, disco. But we can't be sure he isn't striving for just that kind of fame. The question is how far he is willing to play the game to get there if it is indeed what he wants. And since none of us knows him well enough to know the answer to that, we'll just have to wait and see. Personally, to get there, I do think there would be a sacrifice of artistic integrity required, and like you said, he's really too good for that. But he might not see it that way. Sometimes I think Adam doesn't realize just how good he is and measures himself based on the way he's received by the Pop music industry, which, according to him, isn't exactly embracing him behind the scenes. I think BM is very talented, and deserves to be where he is. But Adam's talent is more of a real gift, a rare thing, and may never be appropriately appreciated by the masses for what it is.

Done rambling. LOL.

Only Adam knows what he needs and wants. I like to keep myself open to any possibility because it's Adam's voice I want to hear, not him trying to mimic other artists for popularity. I've always said this and I still believe it: as long as Adam stays true to his heart, he will not lose. The prize isn't Beiber-like fame in my mind. The prize is creating art that is expressed from the heart and changes people's lives. Adam already has that in bucketfuls. He won't fail, he can't fail. As long as he stays true to himself he wins the prize.
To be honest, I can't imagine Adam having Beiber-like fame. He is too good for that. And I mean that sincerely.

3kul-- though I agree with your assessment that Adam could make music not unlike Pink and Kelly, your comparision with Ed Sheeren loses me. Ed is a nice enough singer with a nice enough song (The A Team) but he in no way compares with Adam vocally. Ed's voice is very breathy, and he has little control over his breath, which is why he sings in such short phrases. Add to that, he has no catalogue to speak of. Yes, the A Team is a big radio hit, but let's see what else he can do before we suggest Adam make his sort of music.

I am very much ready for album #3. Though I love Trespassing, it didn't bring him down here to Florida on tour, nor to many other places in the U.S. So I say, bring on album #3 and maybe I'll get to see him live again sometime relatively soon. It's been 2 and 1/2 YEARS since I saw him live, and that JUST WON'T DO. Sad

I think Adam has learned the lesson that the music he likes isn't necessarily the music the masses will welcome from him and buy. Maybe his die hard fans will buy, but we'll buy anything he does. He could record nursery rhymes and we'd buy it. LOL. But there aren't near enough of us to make an enduring career here in the U.S. I also think he realizes he has to push harder for the next one to come out sooner rather than later. I think what may have taken so long to release Trespassing is that Adam truly needed a long break from the overnight fame and exhausting marathon he had run since first making the cut for AI. His whole life was turned on its head much more so than any other contestant's ever had, simply because of his open display of his sexual orientation and the enormous backlash he had to endure. The physical and emotional toll on him had to be substantial. Add to that meeting Sauli and the need to nurture that relationship, and he really needed to slow down, take a breath, get rooted in family and friends and love and anchored in real life again and he did. And I'm really glad he did because he did what was right for him, instead of what was more profitable financially.
Trespassing? Maybe he needed to do an album like this, one that was so personal and heartfelt, displaying his soul, so to speak, and his angels and demons. Now I think he needs to focus on what the fans want, and I mean the vast majority of his fans, not us, his die hards, but the less deeply invested fans that bought WWFM in high numbers, if he truly wants to build a Pop career based on radio presence. So I do think the next album will either go in a Pop/Rock direction or take a completely different turn and go more soft and stripped down, a sort of soft Rock sound that showcases the vocals with a lot less "noise". Personally, I vote for both, a mix of Pop/Rock with a couple of soft stripped down ballads.

But no matter what the album turns out to be, no matter how great it is (Trespassing was awesome, and look what that got him here at home) I do believe he may not be able to rise above the homophobia unless he achieves a much higher visible profile in TV/film to overcome it by creating a huge demand for his music. I can't believe I'm saying this, but yeah, maybe do that Idol judge gig thingy I have always baulked at. As long as the show doesn't completely bomb and he get blamed, (which is my own private fear with that), go for it! Or a regular on a popular TV series.

Whatever happens, if he doesn't find his way down here to perform I may have to start plans to rob one of the local banks and take my chances I won't get caught. Think Dick and Jane. Laughing out loud Who wants to play Di ck to my Jane? Um **cough**, never mind. LOL. Eye-wink

Adams a multi platnum selling arena artist at his core, thats his potential he should be performing at all the biggest arenas in the world like Gaga. Unfortunately it hasent turned out that way for Adam, but its all good he has accomplished alot in a 4 year short career. Hes know JB, or Bruno mars or even Ed Sherran. Hes different very different, even if he was straight I think it would still be a uphill battle for him, but he just needs the right song. Hoping the right song is choosen to as the best single, a single that defines the whole mission statement of the album, kinda like Born this way is to Gagas Born this way.

Maybe the new album will be Trespassing II and THEN there will be a big TRESPASSING tour for album 1 and 2.
When and if Adam does a tour next, I would love to see him in arenas. Big arenas. No more State Fairs or Amusement Parks or lakes etc.