*ETA;YES!* New tattoo on Adam's right wrist? | The Official Adam Lambert Site

*ETA;YES!* New tattoo on Adam's right wrist?:

*ETA;YES!* New tattoo on Adam's right wrist?


(photos are blurry-ish)




Better clear photo - there does appear to be some new tatoo-age peeking out from right sleeve of shiny shirt Sticking out tongue

ETA - YES to new tattoo

From AuntieVenom- blow up of new tattoo

via @DukeHarebert

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LadyC-- wow! I haven't seen Latin conjugations since 1970. And even then, we Latin scholars were luscus naturarum. Eye-wink

"U" is written as "V" in ancient Latin.

Take it from a Glambert who had 5 years of Latin in prep school & got helped with her homework by her Italian father. . .who learned his Latin in Northern Italy. . .from the Roman priests marching back & forth in their black robes & cowls. . .chanting:

"luscus natura
lusus naturae
luscus naturae
luscus naturae
luscus naturarum
luscus naturaris"

freak of nature (you), you plural
freaks of nature (we) , we plural
freaks of nature (they), they plural

I absolutely love the deep meaning that goes into all of Adam's tattoos. He may be someone who says "it's not that deep" but when it comes to his ink - it is a lot more than just skin deep!

Oooh I really do like this one. It's intricate and beautiful.

Of the four alchemical elements, (air, fire, earth, water), water is symbolized by an inverted triangle.

A pink inverted triangle was used to identify male homosexuals in the concentration camps. The organization Act Up adopted the symbol when they used the pink triangle in the silence=death t shirts, etc. during the late 80's and 90's in the fight to get the american government and health care systems to deal with the AIDS epidemic. The black inverted triangle identified "anti-social" prisoners in the camps, including lesbians.
I have no idea why adam picked an inverted triangle but if I had to guess, it's not cause of the gay symbolism. It seems to me that the symbol is not used that much in his generation. It's more the generation before him. And of course I could totally be off base.

Heard that the triangle has significance in the gay community. If that's true, then this tattoo is even more meaningful to Adam. He is so proud of who he is. He is indeed a freak of nature in the best way possible.

Saw this in the Shanghai video and wondered if I had been a bad Glambert for not knowing about it. Glad to find this thread!

Adam's about a pen stroke away from having "mad ink." Since he's going that route, I'd love to see him add one with color.

I just realized that it also has an upside down triangle.

alidol ‏@glam_alidol
@adamlambert new tattoo https://twitter.com/glam_alidol/status/308244370258292736/photo/1


Thanks for the translation guys! x0x

WOW, I love it.


A freak of nature

Adam certainly embraces his freak. Now I'm wondering again what song was originally titled "Freak Flag." There's another question Adam's never been asked.

oxford dictionary: "a freak of nature: they said he was wonderful, surprisingly fit, a lusus naturae"



So my first thought in my mind about the greek letters was right Smiling


Matthew Rolston

Someone *cough cough* Rolling Stone....needs to do a photo shoot of him in a tee shirt with all his new sexy tats. When RS used him for a cover way back when, he only had the 1. What was the photographers name? They need to do that again, preferably this summer when he is in the process of his 3rd album.

THE NEW TATTOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS IN LATIN : THE 2nd WORD IS "NATURAE" (via @14gelly's pic that I cropped) pic.twitter.com/Fz6ODSqJkZ

I'm seeing on twitter that the Latin translates as "freak of nature." if so, I'm in love with it.

First time he's got one on the outside of his wrist. Hope he tells us soon what it means, cuz we'll keep obsessing till we find out! LOL!

I can't make out the letters. I saw and A and L, his initials. Then I thought maybe they were Greek letters. If it is VRAZ, there is no V or R in the Greek alphabet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_alphabet

Yeah i'm curious too and also to see the tattoo in a clearly photo, tweeted by him, rather Eye-wink

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another close up


RespectTheBert ‏@RespectTheGB
@Merrie_NY I want to know what V R A Z means. Surprised that the Ninja Glamberts haven't come up with anything yet .

Another great shot of the new tattoo (and of Adam lol)


@Ligia Ferreira someone on twitter said same thing you did. IDK what the tattoo is of - but can't wait to see and hear about it's significance Smiling

Why hasn't he tell us yet as he did with the other??
At first it looks like the tattoo has same letters as the black tunic he dressed up in "Ray Of Light" divas performance.