Bedlam Fanzine is here--FREE:

Bedlam Fanzine is here--FREE

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Via @madmaninbedlam: (ADAM LAMBERT) Bedlam Mag is gearing up for the next issue! POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Bedlam: Be part of The Next Issue!



Why do you think Adam has inspired such loyalty from his fans?!
Adam is humble and honest and nice and caring, Adam connects with his fans, Adam is beautiful and talented! Adam is love~

So fabulous! Love that trailer on youtube too! Just what I needed!

There is so much to say about this magazine! You know the photos were selected by fans by the richness and quality of the photos! One thing you can say about this site, about Adam, is ask and you shall receive~Adam and his fans deliver! Lol at the 5 Steps of Coping! Smiling Thanks so much for all the work that went into this publication~Love you all!

Have you seen the YT teaser vid for the Bedlam fanzine? It is awesome and hilarious. Check it out here:

Tweet by @FAULTMagazine: Our Issue 10 feature w/ @AdamLambert is showcased beautifully in #free fanzine #BEDLAM! AM ! @madmaninbedlam

Wow - this is amazing. I had no idea an Adam Lambert fan magazine existed. Thanks!

Highlightes- Ink and paper are $$$. If they mailed it it would be even more $$$. My guess would be $25-$50 depending on how many they print. It would be a huge risk. Do you remember how much they charged for Adam Lambert calendars?

Did you notice the date they put is 'MAYPRIL' ??

This is fantastic! Its gonna take me a while to read it all. It looks very well done! Adams' fans are just amazing. So talented in so many ways.
This would make a fabulous print copy! 234 pages!!!

Oh thanks @Foxey - I have been waiting for this all day

OMG! Love this!

Amazing!!! Thank you for this great link! There are pics on there that I've never seen, and I always think I've seen it all!!!!

WOW! Great find foxey!