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UPDATE!!! Adam Lambert Day 2013!:

UPDATE!!! Adam Lambert Day 2013!


We are trending on May 8, 2013 #HappyAdamLambertDay @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST AND #GlambertsLoveAdamDay @ 1PM PST / 4PM EST !

Spread the word!




Hey Glamberts!

May 8, 2013 is the 4th Anniversary of Adam Lambert Day in San Diego (which Glamberts celebrate as Adam Lambert Day worldwide Laughing out loud ) !!
And Glamberts want to celebrate by trying to trend something on Twitter that day but we don't know what, so here is a poll to vote!


Here's some background info if you have never heard of Adam Lambert Day:
Adam Lambert returned to his hometown, San Diego, CA on May 8, 2009 as part of the Top 3 in American Idol. San Diego's community was so thrilled to have Lambert return to his hometown that the city's mayor declared May 8 Adam Lambert Day.
Mayor Jerry Sanders joined Adam on the stage and said, “Anyone who would sing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and get a standing ovation is my kind of guy. So I want to congratulate you. All of San Diego is tremendously proud of what you’ve done and we’re excited for you. We know you will be the next (American) Idol.” Mayor Jerry Sanders proclaimed Friday, May 8th, to be Adam Lambert Day in the city of San Diego. Adam was excited to receive such an honor and held the proclamation up high for all to see with a broad smile across his face.

Here's the video!

Glamberts trended #AdamLambertDay worldwide on 5/08/10 !

And #LambertDay trended worldwide on 05/08/11 and Adam tweeted about it!

Here's the tweet.

We tried to trend something last year but it didn't happen Sad
but that won't stop us from trying this year!

So let's make this happen! All Glamberts together celebrating these past four amazing years that Adam Lambert has given us!

A worldwide trending topic on Twitter is the least we could do for him!

So go spread the word! Make blogs, make forums, tweet, retweet, e-mail, call, text ALL Glamberts to let them know about Adam Lambert Day! (there's only 1 week left until the big day!)

Don't forget to vote & mark your calendars!!!


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So we will try to trend again #LambertDay right?

I had entirely forgot about this day (for shame!). To make up for my botched memory, I will try to remember it!

On my calendar. Will be tweeting!

@BiggestLeeker..*giggles* well I have been know to spill some beanz about my master , *sigh* usually I am muzzled afterwards and I listen to "PUGS!!! what where you thinking???" from my otherwise delicious handler Puzzled My master tries to be mad but one bat of my big baby browns ( and a simper or two thrown in for good measure Evil ) and he is human in ma paws♥♥

Got any juicy steak bones? Sticking out tongue

I went to write it on my calendar and I had it on there already. We'll have to leek something special that day.