Love Wins Over Glamour - Adam in the studio!!:

Love Wins Over Glamour - Adam in the studio!!

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Glamour Bump

Looking at the Ali Baba costume sketches - dare we hope to see a bit of midriff? Not talking about the thieves. LOL!

I can't wait to hear the song! I'm so very happy that Adam has been invited to perform at this traditionally star-studded event!

What a beautiful man!!!!!!

Thank you for the translation @under-his-spell. Smiling

Video translation:

That man has a voice and Adam Lambert, America’s newest pop star, uses it outright for a good cause, namely the Life Ball 2013. He interpretes, and thus the secret is lifted, this year’s Life Ball Song penned by hitmakers ‘Beat for Feat’.

(Adam) “I have not been. I’ve heard it’s one hell of a party. Costumes, music, fashion and a damn good cause. I had to be part of it.”

(Werner Stranka, music producer) “This year’s theme is ‘1001 Nights’. A few of these stories from ‘1001 Nights’ will be told during opening. One of them is the story of Alibaba and Adam will be Alibaba.”

As Alibaba Adam Lambert will also, like the models at the ‘Stylebible’ Shooting, get an elaborate costume. With it, dancing will be rather difficult. (Adam) “I haven’t tried yet, but I love challenges”.

But the Life Ball Song 2013 is not only supposed to visually shine on stage, but also meant to carry a message into the world. (Werner Stranka) “If you have something that is worth a lot, no matter whether it is love or whether it is a treasure, share it with someone. Only then will it be beneficial to you. If you don’t do that, in the end you will be left over alone.”

The Life Ball Song will be live on May 25 in front of the Vienna city hall and on ORF 1.

Sweetpea4Adam, I caught that too @ 1:17 of the video.

LOVE this dance song and it's message ! it's a great production to collaborate on
hope ninja Glamberts can provide the links to the #LifeBall on May 25th
(read that it will be available online 7 days afterwards also)
will watch for sure

GOD ............. I just got over excited ... Uuuuu ^.^ ♥ *Can't Breathe* o.O ♥

Loved how the two engineers in the control room smiled and nodded at each as if to say"Wow, we got ourselves a real singer here!"

So exciting!!!!!!!!

This gig is going to be spectacular in so many ways. I'm so excited for Adam and for us! Loving what I've heard of the song. Can't wait to hear the whole thing.

Love the sound!!!

WOOHOO........I like what I hear......SOOOOOOOO excited for Adam.....

I LOVING how that song is sounding!!! Adam looks uber-sexy just rehearsing it. Can't wait to see the final result. And the costumes! HOLY MOLEY! Adam is really in his element with the this fabulous dress-up opportunity. This will be a real treat!

I want the final result and the song of course .... woooowww i'm so curious and excited Smiling

@highlights - It is the theme song for the Life Ball 2013 that Adam will be doing in Vienna at the end of the month. He will be performing it as Ali Baba.
Remember Adam made a quick trip to Vienna after WAG ended? He recorded this song then and we just got a 1st time glimpse of it.

What is Adam singing?!

WOOOOWWWWW!!!! Holy F**kl!

I'm so happy too! I just wish I could have heard more of his pretty voice instead of mostly the dub.

Can't even type im so excited! Smiling