OMG! Take a look at this. Brian May was talking about it on twitter and it's true I Heart Music Festival


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‏@mmyy9: FULL online version with FULL WWTLF via @djjasonlin TY! Queen + Adam Lambert iHeartRadio FULL Concert 1080i HDTV http://youtu.be/knp0Vrm-L70

Marked my calendar. So excited to see Queenbert on my teevee!

ATTN Glamberts iHeartRadio Music Festival is airing September 30th on the CW network! Queen & Adam Lambert on tvguide Instagram.com/p/eyBqE4HQgn/


Just come here to say Adam did the best CLTCL and WWTLF Smiling i keep rewinding to these 2 songs Smiling. Dust and WWRY was really rockin too. The whole set was very very good Smiling

Just spoke to my brother and sister-in-law....fans from Idol, but then not a fan of the new music. I sent them a link to the full HD gig....both of them called me and said "This is ADAM!" This what he should be singing. They kept gushing over his voice again.....and his stage presence. Said everything he did was perfect! I so hope album #3 has a rock edge!!!

I'm not sure how many of these pics have already been posted but this album is well worth a second look anyway. Totally AWESOME pics.

‏@_Lilzy: Queen + Adam Lambert pics were updated here: http://lilzy.smugmug.com/Music/Adam-Lambert-Queen-iHeartRadio/32030206_v... … -start from the back of the album 4 new pics Smiling Enjoy Smiling

LOL at this one. Glamhopping!!! Smiling http://tinyurl.com/mm6fknc

@ALfann. Thanks for the video! Yes, I would say we were both in awe when you look at our faces, lol. It was so incredible.

@Adamazing-Eyes. I wonder the same thing. He really has it all, doesn't he?

Sometimes I wonder how it is that one person was created with so many incredible blessings. He has gorgeous looks, a voice that is other-worldly, and inside is a beauty and humility and wit and intelligence that is just astonishing. That last picture is one of the best I've ever seen - and that's saying a lot because I could probably fill a terabyte or two with gorgeous pictures of Adam.

‏@mmyy9: This is how it was aired on the radio (incl.Brian and Roger interview, w/ chaptered m4a, mp3, cue file for mp3 links) http://soundcloud.com/mmyy9ag/2013-09-20-queen-adam-lambert

‏@LAMBERTLUST: 1080 HD! Queen + Adam Lambert Vegas! MY VIDEOS! part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko4lye_F_Us … part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns5DYuX9OdA … part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBMpgRI05kk

‏@brianmaycom: @glambert06 @adamlambert @queenwillrock @iheartradio WWTLF 'epic' I thght. Adam 'lived' it. Believable. Well done that man!

Luke Easton ‏@3ku1: Haha my dad who hasen't really liked @adamlambert with Queen saw IHR, and now reckons he is the best Frontman Queens had since Freddie

#14 Queen + Adam Lambert and #24 Adam Lambert >>Top 25 moments of the iHeartRadio Music Festival http://news.iheart.com/articles/trending-475573/top-25-moments-of-the-ih...

@14gelly: That's a hot tongue/ hip action right there and the smile at the end is killing me http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-P6RcaQIwH40/UkNI-2cNWqI/AAAAAAAAyTs/gxCrb4S1xK...

‏@mmyy9: Possible stream for Sept 30 (US time) http://freetvall.com/video/48RRS13Y9HSM/The-CW … (is this the right channel?)

@14gelly: WOW incredible picture by @_Lilzy a thing of beauty @adamlambert http://ow.ly/i/3fBBi/original

Savable copy of Ow.ly shot posted above. A must have. Smiling http://lilzy.smugmug.com/Music/Adam-Lambert-Queen-iHeartRadio/i-WrdLVbM/...

Hi, ALfann Smiling
Thank you Smiling tried to get performance pix of all the acts.
had so much fun at both shows Smiling

Terrance is such a nice guy. He was SO proud of Adam!
Tommy was very happy as well and had many other musician pals that were playing with other bands on the lineup but made it clear that his main reason for attending was to watch Adam with QUEEN.

I was so surprised when Adam posted one of my photos and with that caption...wow.
Is it no wonder we all love him like we do? Such a sweetheart.

Hahah about those AMAZING shoes being a pain. He did not show it at all! He was moving like they were as comfy as UGGs. Smiling

Glamhopping!!! Gif by @lilybop2010 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-V7pK6XVNuuw/UkHYmFseFwI/AAAAAAAAyNE/jUbdcB0CQ0...

Check this out! People were soooo impressed by Adam at iHeart:

@ColdAsphyxiate: Stumbling upon comments like these make me so happy inside @adamlambert http://pic.twitter.com/UaEawG6s0J <333

Las Vegas Sun: 2013 iHeart Radio Notebook http://www.lasvegassun.com/vegasdeluxe/2013/sep/23/2013-iheartradio-note...

"Adam Lambert, who wowed the first night performing onstage with Queen, returned the second night to watch from a VIP area, and Justin fist-bumped him on the way to his closing set that ran until 1 a.m. Sunday."

Awesome!!! Vid of WWTLF posted too.

Max!MumPop: The Wanted, Adam Lambert & Queen,Justin Timberlake Our 5 fave performances the iHeartRadio Festival. http://www.maximumpop.co.uk/the-wanted-adam-lambert-queen-mily-cyrus-jus...

"4. Adam Lambert delivered an totes amazepop performance and enlisted the help of fellow Pop/Rock stars Queen! Iconic pop moment right there!"

Wonderful words to Adam, from a Queen fan! Translation here: http://tl.gd/n_1rovrn3 via @sandyzzzen

Here is the info about the broadcast of Day 1 of the iHeart Festival:

September 30: TV, US. iHeart Radio music festival (highlights) special (night one) on the CW Network at 8pm ET/PT.

Webpage: http://www.cwtv.com/

LOL at this comment posted to an article that focused on FUN performing with Queen rather than Adam:

"Your headline is misleading. I clicked on the video to watch FUN perform with Queen and had to sit through 11 minutes of flawless singing by some astoundingly handsome chap before I heard the mediocre pop vocals of Nate Reuss that I tuned in for.

Awesome vid of WWTLF by "adamfan4ever339" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mse1iPq_lsY&feature=youtu.be

‏@wendyfromCanada: My short little clip of Adam backstage at iHeart during Somebody To Love - http://youtu.be/WtWlui7W13Y

Check this out. Nice!!!

@GlamFanNation: Couldn't be more true!! http://pic.twitter.com/0s3QxjHcX0

@SweetOnPeacexx: Each Queenbert vid seperated Smiling http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJ3L

The GRAMMYs posted this yesterday:

‏@TheGRAMMYs: PHOTO OF THE DAY: @AdamLambert rocks the #iHeartRadio Music Festival with @QueenWillRock http://grm.my/18TfYwu http://pic.twitter.com/BEbb6Rq8ZG

@AmericanTop40: Queen calls @AdamLambert voice “one in a billion” at the @iHeartRadio Music Festival http://bit.ly/18RQ784

Great new audience vids posted by "thefilmqueen". Decent sound.

Opening medley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEOSTIeezng

WWTLF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmGowpZLcSU

Somebody To Love (fun): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-r1j7OpL_Y

Fat bottomed Girls (duet w fun): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf_XRZlpcL4

Closing medley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Cl7ASzXC4

Great article from The Guardian Express, Las Vegas: Adam Lambert: "Idol" Star Continues to Shine http://guardianlv.com/2013/09/adam-lambert-idol-star-continues-to-shine/

Unreality TV: Adam Lambert is still pretty excited about his Queen gig & now he's hanging with Elton John (VIDEO) http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/american-idol/adam-lambert-still-pretty-exc...

Awwww!!! @konaflower An older guy in a Queen t shirt had tears streaming down his face after WWTLF. Joy.

Another great article about Queen + Adam is now being posted on ALL iHeart Radio sites:

"Hands down, Queen featuring Adam Lambert was the best way to close out night one" -> http://bit.ly/1f9HP53

Adam Lambert + Queen Bring Down the House at the iHeart Music Festival (Full Set Video) http://www.rsvlts.com/2013/09/23/adam-lambert-queen-bring-down-the-house... … via @RSVLTS

Adam Lambert makes triumphal U.S. debut with Queen http://somethingelsereviews.com/2013/09/21/hope-it-transmits-well-adam-l...

Gaga & Music Fashion: ❥❥❥ iHeartRadio Music Festival: @AdamLambert in @YSL and @PaulSmithDesign http://musicfashionland.com/iheartradio-music-festival-adam-lambert-in-s...

hope it's not a duplicate
Lyndsey Parker praises Queen-bert on omg Insider : http://youtu.be/3vDK7BiNB1o

Awww! Poor baby!!! His shoes hurt during his iHeart performance: "the American Idol alum confirmed to THR that the shoes he wore the previous night were by Christian Louboutin. “They hurt like hell,” Lambert said with a laugh". Check out # 8 and 9 in this THT article http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/earshot/iheartradio-fest-10-things-seen...

Adam at afterparty with Terrence and Colton Haynes (CSI Miami) http://instagram.com/p/ekzURwIMig/
DL of pic: http://distilleryimage0.ak.instagram.com/27864dd223c011e3b54d22000ab5c4c...

WOW! Chestbert!!! Lucky girl! http://instagram.com/p/elAJSvqXIM/
D/L http://distilleryimage4.ak.instagram.com/d0642dac23cf11e383fe22000a1fa51...

Love how MGM Grand specifically mentioned Adam in this tweet. They were mightily impressed with his performance.

‏@MGMGrand: Photo: What an unbelievable lineup we had over the last 2 days for iHeartRadio in #Vegas! From Adam Lambert... http://tmblr.co/ZovutwvhaOHO

This young guy's profile says "actor, singer, student". He's smart enough to recognize greatness when he hears it. Love his hashtag #history.

‏@MikeRoseLA: @iHeartRadio standing at the end of the runway for @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert ! #history #iHeartRadio http://pic.twitter.com/IzwQrw2Ofs

Nice collage. Click to enlarge: http://pic.twitter.com/fSMq49ADvN

Adam with family & friends at iHeart: http://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/0583541e23c511e3a15422000a9f19a...

AWESOME review by Digital Journal: http://tinyurl.com/mbanbwb

"Lambert showcased his superb range and powerful pipes on "Who Wants to Live Forever," '

"He put on a flawless concert and it was a standout set from this year's music festival."

"Lambert proved yet again that he is one of the most underrated male vocalists in contemporary music."

Another full iHeart set filmed by a fan. It gives us Adam's performance from another perspective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDJSemc8Oac&feature=youtu.be

@lambosessed : Queen & Adam Lambert: My review & HD playlist of full concert without missing parts http://ow.ly/p69LN

More reviews:

Nice review of Adam's performance. The article was mostly About Adam so I don't understand the title:

Gigwise: Watch: Fun. frontman joins Queen + Adam Lambert at iHeartRadio Festival http://po.st/Du1oAf

Music-News.com: Watch: Queen + Adam Lambert headline iHeartRadio Music Festival Village... http://bit.ly/19uxgku

ALL the Clear Channel stations are highlighting this article:

‏@G105radio (Raleigh, NC): COMPLIMENT OF THE YEAR: Queen calls Adam Lambert's voice "one in a billion" at the #iHeartRadio Music Festival! http://bit.ly/18izTsr

@HeatherDawn WOW! I just saw on twitter that Adam used one of your pics to convey a very heartfelt message. Congratulations!!!

‏@adamlambert: My happy place.... Where I feel the most like Me. http://instagram.com/p/eokfhmONPq/

Fame hasn't changed the real Adam. Check this out:

@14gelly: Now I remembered his post to tribe at 2006 "closest I get to Nirvana" His words <333 http://pic.twitter.com/ggzYeFDjWp

@HeatherDawn Thanks for the great pics. What a fabulous line-up of performers! I see that you got a pic with Terrence and Tommy. You looked great and I'm glad that you had a wonderful time.

@Dr Judy & Roxanne Thank you for your kind remarks. I enjoy doing what I can to support Adam and AO.

@Dr Judy I believe I see you in this great Adam + audience pic. Scroll down: http://tinyurl.com/lhqomuc

The guy at edge of stage on Adam's left looks like he is in rapture. Smiling

Awesome gallery of pics here. Note: Use scale on top bar to change pic size. http://tinyurl.com/kz6fzjo

@ALFann, those photos you posted on Sunday September 22, at 23:08 are some of the most incredible I have ever seen, and I have been around for a looong time, they are beyond gorgeous! Hope you don't get tired of hearing how grateful we are for all that you do. Smiling

@foxeylady I think that's a very normal experience given the circumstances. We definitely had a surreal feeling. I am still at the office, but every break I took I watched again! It's just that great that you want to put it on repeat. Each time I view it, I pick up a little something more, and I was actually standing at the end of the runway looking right up at him!

If you look at the video @sizzling put up here, you will see both of us standing there and the look on the face of my significant other. He is totally mesmerized! Of course, so was I. When it was over, a young woman who had been standing near me, came up to me and commented that it looked like I was really enjoying myself. I confirmed. She said that she had no idea Adam could do what he did. She was very surprised and impressed. I heard many more comments along those same lines-words that warmed my heart.

@sizzling Thanks for the video. We actually saw ourselves briefly on the iHeart video also. I don't think I have fully processed as @foxeylady also said. It is such an interesting phenomenon. The effect he has is amazing. I just might have to study this further - another concert, lol?

@Adamazing-Eyes I agree with everything you said. After the taste, we want the full course! I noticed comments from many that they would be willing to pay what they needed to for a full concert. I can only imagine that they will be getting more than a few requests to do this.

@ALfann Thanks as always for posting the great info and pics. It's greatly appreciated.

‏I love how Brian and Roger take advantage of every media opportunity to praise and promote Adam. Smiling

@YahooMusic: How Queen Hooked Up with Fun. at iHeartRadio http://yhoo.it/1f5laa2

The opportuity to perform with Queen was obviously a dream come true for "fun". The more Adam the better in my book but I'm really glad that "fun" got to live their dream.

All the Clear Channel stations appear to be posting this article on their websites. Nice!!!

Queen calls Adam Lambert's voice "one in a billion" at the iHeartRadio Music Festival http://www.z100.com/articles/trending-104650/queen-calls-adam-lamberts-v... … via @Z100NewYork

Please give iHeart Radio site some hits on these pages devoted to Queen + Adam:

Pic gallery: http://festival.iheart.com/?id=367278&type=gallery

Scroll down: http://festival.iheart.com/festival.php

Here's another Youtube link from a different angle. I see @Dr. Judy and hubby all the way up front during "Crazy Little Things Called Love". Wow, how can you possibly digest being this close??

If anyone's up for doing so, it may be better to post a new thread just for reviews, tweets, etc. in the aftermath of the concert so members don't have to comb through all of the various replies to find them. Unless, of course, neelie is up to editing them into her OP.
Just a friendly suggestion. Smiling

@sizzling Thanks for posting that amazing report by @Artistsupporter. It literally brought tears to my eyes. She truly captured the spirit of absolute love and support Adam's fans feel for him and the joy and hope it brings to us when others get to experience the Adam we know and love. As @Artistsupporter said, Adam is a good person and an incredible artist. He sooo deserved this opportunity to shine ... and shine he certainly did.

I will be forever grateful to legendary artists Brian, Roger and Nile who obviously love Adam very much as a person and provide such amazing support for his career.

Yay so happy for all of you that got to witness this epicness for real! I watched from the livestream and I was just blown away AGAIN by Adam with Queen. It was better than I was hoping for and my expectations were pretty high knowing what they had already done together. It was perfect in every way. Adam sounded so fabulous. His lower register on Crazy Little Thing Called Love was just the sexiest thing ever. I loved it. And then WWTLF! Wowwww...after that song I was just tears. He slayed and then walked away. I think people were physically stunned. Brian and Roger are just the absolute Rock Gods. I weep when Brian plays. Its like there is another singer on stage. Adam seemed to have so much fun with FUN. on FBG. Real joy on his face. I was so happy for him. And he looked out of this world HOTTT! Just perfect for the radio show with so many people being reintroduced to him or hearing him for the first time. He played it perfectly. And the reviews speak for themselves. I just could not be more proud of him. I find myself saying that a lot....lol. Great job Queen and Adam!

ETA: Just want to one more time thank ALFann and everyone else who keep all things up to date here with media etc...Thank you!

I'm still in the process of taking all this in and have lots more great stuff yet to see here, but I love the article link @sizzling posted about "When Great Things Happen to Good People" I'm so glad there are people out there that can articulate Adam's magnificence so well! And very glad to hear the first hand account of the audience reaction; it was what I was hoping for and anticipating!

@Kurt-bert Here is the clip from GMA this morning.

Good Morning America on Adam's concert : http://youtu.be/BtJmjuwQFe8

There will be coverage on Extra on Tuesday.

Rehearsal video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vbwu4cMVqI&feature=youtu.be

Ken Evans: Cincy Born, Detroit Raised | Mornings @1045SNX | MMA Host @WOWshow | @iHeartRadio Performer Michigan

@TheKenEvans: Let me be clear @QueenWillRock @OurNameIsFun & Adam Lambert DESTROYED it at @iHeartRadio to close last night. How will @jtimberlake follow?

Rand Duren: Entertainment Editor at @DallasNews. TV & Pop Culture writer. ‏

@RandDuren: Queen and @adamlambert were the clear winners on last night’s @iHeartRadio festival. Class acts.

‏@RandDuren: I would pay handsomely to see @adamlambert and Queen live. 2 of my all-time favorite acts.

Colton Haynes: Actor, CSI Miami

‏@ColtonLHaynes: adamlambert is unreal http://instagram.com/p/eg4Cy0DTNs/

A must-read review of Adam Lambert's performance with Queen in Vegas by @Artistsupporter http://artistsupporter.tumblr.com/post/62004855665/when-great-things-hap...

Great review. Everything is scattered throughout several threads so I don't know if it has been posted before. Scroll down for more on Queen + Adam:

Old School Rules at iHeartRadio Music Festival - ABC News http://abcn.ws/15JXguE

Performance pic on MGMs Instagram . Shall we give it some likes? Smiling


Some gorgeous performance pics:



























With Brian on way to stage:



Pre show interview:




B!tch!!! Smiling http://adam-pictures.com/albums/10/iHeart/08.jpg

More pics here:

@adam_pictures: 135 HQ pictures of Adam Lambert from iHeartRadio Music Festival (September 20) - http://bit.ly/19qLmUb

Playlist of vids made by a fan with awesome up-close vantage point. Focused on Adam with great sound:


EDIT: That playlist wasn't completed. Here is one vid of the full set from the same fan:


A -E -- fro your keyboard to Brian and Roger's ears. I think that is perfect. 4 to 6 concerts in the US and Canada. Pleeeeeeeeaaase let that happen!

BTW, you are absolutely right. There was not one single note that wasn't perfectly pitched. Add to that Adam's incredible showmanship, stage presence and general gorgeousness, it truly was a perfect performance all around. Bri and Roger seemed totally on it as well. How I wish I had been there.

@drummer - LMD will be Avicii's #3 single, Hey Brother will be #4.

Now back to the subject at hand - there do not exist adequate superlatives to describe what it was like Friday night, to be there. WWTLF gave me chills like nothing else ever has. When the whole set was over I cheered like crazy and said "you did it Adam every note was perfect!!" He was flawless, I can't imagine a thing he could do better, not one single thing. From looking amazing, sounding other-worldly, performing with joy and generosity and a talent beyond compare. The only fault is now needing to see a full on Queenbert concert. How about Madison Square Garden for the east coast and back to MGM Grand Arena for the West Coast (loved the venue). And then a couple of spots in the middle of the country.

After a few delays, I finally got home so I could watch the videos! Couldn't watch anything on my iPad on the crappy hotel wifi.

I suppose that sounds strange, since I was actually there, but it's not really. I came away from the show with the same "pinch me" feeling that I had after the Idols tour in 2009 (my very first time with Adam Smiling ) and my first GNT. I had a feeling of unreality, that it didn't really happen, that it must have all been a dream. I know many of you have had the same experience.

Anyway, I'm just now beginning to process it all, through watching the vids and remembering. Just WOW--that's all I can say right now.