LAY ME DOWN - Better sounding video here:

LAY ME DOWN - Better sounding video here

This audio is clearer- It's only partial though, wish it was the whole song.

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Another one--maybe the cleanest yet. No fireworks either Smiling

@asiladam That's a pretty good version of the song. I think this song is great! Can't stop listening to it!

I just had my son (rock fan) listen to this and he said it is the best he has heard from Adam and that this is what people like and are listening to these days. My son usually doesn't have the patience when it comes to Adam, but he listened the whole song thru and asked where this was and if Adam was there singing it. He never heard of Avicii before. He liked it. \o/
Had him listen to this version

I like this......\o/

oops Smiling

Thanks neelie for sharing this vid. It's the best I've heard yet. And you guys are right it does sound like Love Wins Over Glamour. Love it! Keeping fingers crossed that it's the next single.

I really like this song!!

@Roxanne you're right. It sounds a lot like "Love Wins Over Glamour" and I love the song.

Roxanne, it does! I like this a LOT, and disco was never really my "thing" either.

Very good, thank you! It kind of reminds me of the song Adam sang at the Life Ball in Vienna.