QUEEN + Adam Lambert Tour:07.05.14 Las Vegas, NV, The Joint:

QUEEN + Adam Lambert Tour:07.05.14 Las Vegas, NV, The Joint

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Finally the day has arrived!

Tonight is THE night. Hope to meet a lot of Glamberts here at the Hard Rock.

I followed you back foxey, and look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Proud Glambert, I followed you on twitter Smiling See you soon!

@foxey I might be able to stop in briefly, but will be with my son. I want to make certain that he has a great time on this trip. He is not a Glambert and is a lifetime Queen fan (he is in his 40's). His opinion of Adam is that he is the only singer in the world who can pull this off. He is very excited to see the concerts, and just raves about Queenbert.

I do want to meet more Glamberts, and especially want to meet you. Those I have met are such great people.

To identify me at the concerts, I will be wearing shirts with crystals that have a crown on the back and "Queen + Adam Lambert" on the front. One is black, the other white.

I posted pics on Twitter a couple of months ago.I am 777jcg777 there.

ProudGlambert, are you coming to the Culinary Dropout Saturday afternoon? I don't know if you followed the events on facebook. It's a 'non-event event' to get around HRH's stringent rules and pricing for group events.

A bunch of Glamberts, acting in small groups, have reserved tables starting at about 4:00 pm July 5th. Just show up, and someone will certainly have/make room for you. I think there is still one empty seat at the table I reserved. JOIN US!!!

@taracran It is getting close, and I enjoyed meeting you in Paso Robles. I hope that we get to see each other on the 5th.

@foxeylady, I hope to meet you at your second and third concerts next weekend!

Just 11 more days! This show is going to be extraordinary. Just imagine: a 3000 seat venue!!

Getting so close! @proud, I met you last year in Paso Robles, so glad to see that you are coming to see Adam (and Queen) in Vegas. I moved here in November. Love it! maybe I will see you on the 5th.

@foxeylady: Thank you for the information. I will be traveling with my son, so I will check with him first. You are always such a great help!

Proud Glambert, check this one out:


It's free, you only pay for what you order off the menu. A whole bunch of us will be there.

Proud Glambert, it's been cancelled.

@foxeylady: I need to find out what the pre-party is before deciding. It could be a good idea, and I will check with the venue to learn more about it.

Pre-party hosted by the venue, $45 advance $55 at the door.


Anybody here going?

Yes!! Got a ticket for this show too!! More bang for the buck!


Do you still have the ticket? I sent you a tweet and followed you. I am @glambert2821 on twitter.

I am attending both nights with my son, and also staying at the Hard Rock. I will be meeting my Glambert friend that I have not seen in person since Glam Nation in Kansas City. I can't wait for July! My friend and I discussed the fact that if Adam and Queen toured that Vegas would be a good place to meet, and we are very happy that it is now a reality.

Hi! soooo excited to see them perform!
I have one extra ticket to sell.
Section 2, Row CC. This seat is right in the middle, only 3 rows from the front! This is a VIP ticket.
Face value for what I paid through the authorized official seller. Message me on Twitter @AdamAdamAdam3 if interested

I'm going!!!

But I need a ticket for a friend. I'm sitting in Sec 303, Row F, in the 20s. If you're selling a ticket in that general area, please please please contact me (aramina on Twitter and ALFC).

Hubby & I are going! Woot! Also staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. So excited and cant wait!

I am very excited to see them in a small venue like this, I didn't think that would be an option. I'm going both nights, around 11th row for Saturday and in a VIP Suite with 11 others on Sunday. This is going to be my most epic summer EVER!!!!

I am FREAKING OUT! (in a good way.) I can't believe I am going!! Sooooo excited...

Got my ticket this morning for this show. I am so excited. This is going to be EPIC!