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How much does each performer make per concert?:

How much does each performer make per concert?

Does anyone know? And I was wondering if Adam and Kris get pay more than the others? I remember in one interview, Adam was saying that AI was very generous with the pay. But I am sure it's not a lot, considering there are ten of them.

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i think they get 5000. a show the others a lot less from what i know....

I too have read that the winner earns $5K per concert, the runner-up a little less than that. It drops down gradually after the top 2 with the bottom 5 making the least per concert which I believe is correct at $2K. I do remember the AFTRA minimum thing being discussed in Variety for the television performances.

Individual recording contracts determine what the artist earns from CD sales - it's negotiated by lawyers and varies greatly.

he was paid $1,800 a week as part of the ensemble cast when he was in Wicked, that was Actor's Equity scale from what I understand for any ensemble member. The daughter of a guy we know was in the ensemble too - but now she's in a show in NY so I've never gotten to talk to her about Adam. I hope I get the chance to some day.
I never read what he made for his cabaret or Zodiac shows.

That the winner and runner up got a rumored 5,000 per concert and the others got considerably less That makes sense since the others sing alot less songs and wouldn't have to work as hard plus the top 2 earned it, that would be about 250,000 for the summer., not enough to buy any house here (in so. calif),. but a good downpayment.,

I read somewhere that Adam earned 1800 a week as a singer for those various clubs,. apparently they are also part of a union for actors and musicians and that is the pay scale. That reallly isn't bad money per month. 7200 bucks., better than most people.

Hmm, I thought they were paid differently, ranging anywhere from 2k to 5k depending on where they finished in the competition. At 50+ shows it's decent pay for all of them.

2000 for the show
5000 for the tour - quarter of a nillion for a summers word (5000X50 shows).

But don't mark my words on that.

That 1st and 2nd place would get around $2,000 (not sure if per week or per show) and the others would vary under that.

Are contestants paid?
Yes. "American Idol" finalists pay to join AFTRA, and as a result, are paid for each appearance on television that's at least the minimum hourly rate for an AFTRA member ($921 per hour in 2007). Those who make the top 10 are paid to be on the tour, where pay is rumored to start at $1,000 per show.

I remember on Larry King, that question was asked, & Megan said she "wouldn't make as much as some others", & she looked over at Adam! I'm sure Adam makes a pretty huge amount! He's definitely the STAR of the tour!!!!

somewhere that during the show they got either $2,000 or $2,500 per week each and then on the tour it bumped up to $5,000 (but I don't know if that was per week or per show - obviously there would be a big difference since they do several shows a week). But figure if each one got $5k per show, that's only $50,000 per show paid to the performers which is nothing compared to the amount that is being paid for tickets. Even in a venue with only 10,000 seats (and some are bigger) and at the low end of the ticket prices at say $65 a piece, that's $650,000 a night. It would make more sense for the pay to be on a sliding scale because Adam and Kris do a lot more songs than the earlier performers and should get more money for it. Plus, if they paid based on draw Adam should easily be getting the biggest check!

I don't remember the source, but I read somewhere that they receive about 100,000+. I don't know this for a fact, but I would think that Adam and Kris would receive more. Adam is the one who is bringing in the crowds, so he should be making alot more!

American Idol has gotten very generous. Ask Season 2 contestants how much they made on the tour. Season 3 got the big bump in pay.

I hope Adam makes more. May be he'll have enough to make a down payment for the house he always wanted or he probably will use the money to make sick videos for his solo albums.


I believe I read somewhere that it's a couple thousand dollars a night, but I don't remember where or the exact amount. And I do believe that the longer you last in the competition, the more you get paid on tour.