? for those who attended the concert. What seating is better? Floor towards the back or Lower Level at an angle? | The Official Adam Lambert Site

? for those who attended the concert. What seating is better? Floor towards the back or Lower Level at an angle? :

? for those who attended the concert. What seating is better? Floor towards the back or Lower Level at an angle?

Is is better to have floor seating even if it is more toward the back of the floor area seating or lower level seating but it is an angle? As I can find some seats that are not noise bleed seats but they are mostly towards the back of the floor seating available..ie like the last or next section on the floor or lower level where the stage can be seen ..ie not lower level facing though.

I am going to wait as some have had very good luck waiting until a week or 10 days before as sometimes arenas open up some seats as the date gets closer as if I go, It will not before September.

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oh one more thing, not to discourage anyone, but the last concert I went to with the floor seats - well, the arrangement did not match the layout shown by ticket master and I was farther away than I thought I would be.

i actually have a set of both ...back floor and lower level side (thanks to husband's work seats)
guess i'll be letting our friends have the floor seating (sorry...must be closer to adam!)

now i just have to talk my husband into staying after the show!

are the first row of that section, so there's an aisle between us and the row in front of us. So it might not be so hard to see since no one will be right in front of us.

I hope.


I have floor seats for St. Louis, row 16! Dammit! Well I am pretty tall (I'm 5'7) plus I'll probably wear heels so I HOPE I can still see! Grrr...

Lower level left (facing the stage) near the corner of the stage. Most of the idols work to their right corner. Adam works both corners almost equally. Unless you have front row or end seats, you will need to stand for Adams set. Everyone was on their feet the whole set in Portland.


i have 8th row floor, but im 5'8 normally, without heels... lol! im gonna try to get closer on the day of the concert!


Aww dang now I'm worried that I won't be close enough to see. Here's a pic of the map of the Memphis setting that I'll be at: http://media.ticketmaster.com/en-us/tmimages/venue/maps/scs/27928s_a.gif

I'm sitting in Floor 8 Row B Seat 8... and I'm short... gah now I wanna cry because I fear not being close enough to see Adam. Boo!!!

I have similar seats to ArtisElemental, but on stage left, first row equal, to about 9 floor rows away from front stage edge.
I saw a previous concert from floor level - midway - and I was just too short to see anything. At that moment I looked around to see what seats would have been the best for me - definately liked the stadium side seats close to the stage.

I think Adam works stage left a little more than stage right in both WLL and Bowie, but I think for photography, the lighting is better from stage right.

Most of the really good close videos seem to be taken from about 4th row floor - seems 1st row floor has trouble seeing because of the stage height, the camera men, and other stage elements.

I specifically looked only for lower level & not floor seats. Why, because I'm a photo-fanatic. I do not want any heads, hands or posters or flying undies in my way when I see the 'perfect shot'.

If I were just going to see Adam close up, I'd have chosen floor seats, front & center Smiling

I am up one level off the main floor and that puts me almost exactly at eye-level with Adam when he is center stage...that's good enough for me.

You can see the location of my seats here...since most of the venues will be set up pretty much the same (if the venue can accommodate), you might get a good idea of where the best sections/rows are. I'm in Section 18, row 4., the "X".

I'm on the lower level in the second section closest to the stage!! Sounds like people are saying lower level and to the side is the best!! I can't wait until tomorrow!!!

my mom went and had lower level and said the view was really good, so i'd go with lower level. i have a row very near the front and im tall so i dont have to worry about seeing... but id say go with lower level Smiling

For sure.

we have back floor seats they are going to suck, the side is always preferable,

Lower level elevated section - was pleasantly surprised at how clear and close it was. I think it was much better than trying to see over people on the floor.

I actually think those tickets will be better than the floor.

but your 17th row seat means you will be standing A LOT.

I prefer seating on the side to the floor and would go so far as to say you need to be in the first 4 rows to see and will still have to stand A LOT. I expect no one will stay seated for Adam.

I attend many, many concerts. Some are wilder than others, but from my experience, if you can't sit in the first few rows on the floor, you will have problems with being seated toward the back if you are short, like I am. I have experienced sitting on the floor toward the back once at that was it for me. Never again. I couldn't see above the heads of the people who were standing, and I wasn't going to risk falling off the chair while standing on it.

and I agree--if you are not in the first seven rows of so, it is better to be in the lower level but as close as possible. Side view is better than you might think.

I have 17th row floor seats and I want to be able to see without having to stand up. My daughter is not well and can't stand for long, and I have a problem with my knee (and recently broke a toe - OUCH!) My concert is next week.

I might want to see if I can exchange my floor seats for really good other seats if it's going to be difficult for us. I don't remember how high the stage is at the venue.

Any suggestions from those who have gone?


leaning towards elevated seating but hoping for at least elevate seating a little closer to the stage for a better view.