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jockstraps on stage? new adam interview:

jockstraps on stage? new adam interview

haha love this..

here ya go. i think it is new

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If Adam asks, he shall receive . . .

all day and night. He is just fascinating and so sensible and down so earth. Then he gets on stage and turns into Mr. Magicman and creates worlds for us to imagine and dream. Ohhh Adam, thank you for coming into our lives.

Adam would probably put it on his head!!

those r pretty funny

But, it disappeared pretty quickly. Maybe, if Adam keeps getting them thrown at him we can start it back up.

I agree Adam is so going to use that whip, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a great interview. I like the way the interviewer gives Adam deserved compliments. He is so articulate and gorgeous even in casual clothes and a hat.


Maybe someones name that starts with a K and is a guy Laughing out loud

He so uses the whip on a certain individual.

Lord gaga? ROFL