Interesting view on radio play and Adam:

Interesting view on radio play and Adam

Wonderfully written, very intelligent viewpoint. But I sincerely believe that Adam can and will and is rising above the fears that some people have simply by his incredible talent and wonderfully open personality.

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So many great acts that feature LGBT artists simply don't get radio play in the US. The Scissor Sisters are a great example. They are mega-hits in the UK, and pretty big throughout Europe, but hardly anyone in the US knows who they are. Then there's Antony and the Johnsons whose Crying Light CD hit number one in Europe but didn't even crack the top 50 in the US. And has anyone heard La Roux? OMG, what a great album, but you won't hear it in the US.

But here's something to remember, there have been acts who have never had much radio success who were still HUGE acts. Led Zeppelin never tried to be a radio band --- but they sold over 200 million albums. I want Adam to get radio play. I want him to top the Singles charts. But it may take a while. We have to organize and requests our heads off to get his music on corporate radio. But if not, he can still be a super star.

This article was very timely. I was just thinking earlier today that I noticed Adam was not played in my area (Orlando, FL). So, here is a copy of the message I sent the programming directors of the Clear Channel station in my area (I feel we should all email or call in our requests):

Hello Michael and Jana!
First let me say that I enjoy listening to XL106.7! I am, however, a bit upset at the fact the station is not playing enough Adam Lambert music. Lambert's For Your Entertainment debuts at #3 with first-week sales of 198,000 this week. I feel this warrants play on the radio station.
I hear a lot of the same artists every hour, usually the same songs at best. I understand that Adam is a new artist and surrounded by a lot of "power-players" in today's pop culture. However, I am a huge fan, as well as many others here in the Orlando area, and would like my favorite radio station to include one of my favorite artist, Adam Lambert in its line-up. "For Your Entertainment", "Time for Miracles", and "What Do You Want From Me" are great songs to begin with!
Thanks a bunch!

I hope they will begin adding Adam's music!

To Adam: Stay true to who you are and not change to what "they" want you to be in order to make sales. Your talent, charisma and genuine nature will get far with your fans. Don't worry if the radios play or not. Just do YOU!!! Be blessed! Much love, Z

I completely agree with mediabias and cazana! Excellent points ladies.


Thank you for your post and thought provoking blog. We are all rooting for Adam to succeed and it sounds like you agree about that:-)

helloteacher - ROFLMAO on the Danny Gokey comment - 'the scream that shall live in infamy' haunts my dreams as well.

Gideonse - thank for taking the time to come here and respond. I look forward to reading more from you.

Hi, gideonse. Thanks for coming by to comment. I agree with you about TFM but I was surprised that an Adam fan would use "screechy" in connection with Adam's upper range. After checking Webster's to be sure I understood its definition, I can confidently say that I've never noticed anything harsh, piercing or shrill about Adam's voice. But people hear sounds differently. I didn't need to look up "screaming" (which I just realized you didn't use) because Danny Gokey's demonstration of it still haunts my dreams.

LiLiW- I agree. It's an intelligent write up, thanks for sharing. Clear Channel, btw, owns a majority of stations across the country, not just in San Diego.
And I need to defend the non-Clear Channel station thoroughly mentioned in the article. 94.9 is as gay friendly as a rock station can get. They are really just gay indifferent. Bob Mould, the only out rock musician I know of, is a staple on that station. He does shows, interviews, guest djs all the time. And for 5 hours every night they play electronic music which is yes, gay friendly, but they play it because it's good music. And I just contacted one of 94.9's DJs about Cassidy Haley (Adam's friend and fellow out musician) and she loved his music and bio and asked for his cd to play his music on air. So the rebel rock station takes the Adam approach- sexual preference doesn't matter, it's all about good music. I love 94.9 and I hope that more stations like it spring up around the country.
I'd also like to note that I've contacted the Clear Channel stations in San Diego asking if they will play Adam's music. Turns out there is one guy in charge of all the stations and he told me he will definitely play Adam's music. Worry not. Clear Channel is a for profit business, and Adam makes money where ever he goes. They will play his music.

For me, the guy's another worthless blogger. I seriously hate the internet. Hense, my alias, I use it all over. He's more interested in hits than anything about Adam. Nobody with the least amount of basic kindness would have the heart to repeat the nasty comments that he quoted. Case closed. A creep. He could have just mentioned "hate speech" that appears randomly around the internet, but NO he had to be explicit.Those hateful comments, by percentage are very very small. This guys' just fixated on them. I read everything and there is a teeny occurance out there. Unless the bloggers are removing tons but regardless, they are not "out there". Unless you count like, VFTW and crap like that. I'm also sick of hearing complaints about the song when its a freaking SOUNDTRACK.JEEZE.(although I think it was a little sloppy in the production if you compare to say, Titanic anthem which ok, is a different style - old fashioned versus rock vibe). Anyway about the radio, It's RCA's job to get the radio play, I assume they know how although judging by their track record with Kris and this past week with Adam, I'm wondering. Adam's TFM is on myspace (by them, the official one) like 4 different places and each version is in the 20's. They seem quite screwed up if they can't even manage a stupid myspace properly. Prolly delegating to low level interns or consultants or something. Just look at this site. The Twitter feed is over a week old, and btw Kris's is current so it's clearly the individual running each site not a software error.
Speaking of hate speech, someone needs to get a domain name against VFTW and start a campaign to demolish them for this next AI. They are getting really bad over there even posting now about hoping for violence.

Gideonse, with all due respect, I stand by what I said and as you said, your readership is small.

The Elton John and Clear Channel points just show that, however well you think you have researched, you should double check everything before forming an opinion and making it public. Some long-established writers on widely-read publications make that mistake though so don't worry about that.

Some of the examples that you used as to why some people don't like him, you appeared to give them the benefit of the doubt for. LOL, I wouldn't want to have you fighting my corner in an argument!!! You mention his vocal tone as being something that critics bring up. Well, those critics are either fans of other contestants or fans of some mostly current artists who they see Adam as a threat to. It is to Adam's detriment that he is so good. No other talent show contestant has had the unwarranted criticism that Adam gets from some quarters because he is compared to some long-established successful artists. He has a huge range. What is he supposed to do? Not use it in case it gets some people's backs up? Adam can hit the same notes with a rock yell or choirboy clarity. He uses the tone that is appropriate to the song. I can't believe that anyone who heard Danny's attempt on AI (or even some of Allison's attempts during some of the duets on the tour) can still refer to what Adam does as screeching and expect to be taken seriously, much less see someone who is supposed to be a fan take them seriously.

Finally, I don't think making comments as you just have about Adam's song helps the cause you are trying to further at all. Why should radio stations feel inclined to play it if they get an impression that even his fans don't like it? Why should they think anyone else is going to want to hear it? In your opinion, TFM is not a great song. In my opinion, it is let down by "filler" lyrics in the second verse but other than that, it widdles all over any previous major film theme of recent years whether Adam were singing it or not.

Hi gideonse Smiling It's going to be okay!

There was the finale and everything, but this summer when Adam went on tour he got the loudest reception at every concert on the tour, except for the home-town show of one of the other Idols - even in the deep South . . . ESPECIALLY the deep South! He's super popular, and the people that love Adam love him so much they're willing to shell out big bucks to hear him Smiling

I read Clear Channel's Wikipedia page a while back, and I guess because they're so dominant, questions of their political inclination has come up in the past - like how I guess they carry all those right-wing turds like Rush, Hannity, Glenn Beck on talk radio, but gave up so easily on Air America, etc. And apparently they had a thing against anti-Bush speech in various situations. But whereas it's obvious Rupert Murdoch of Fox clearly has an interest in giving a particular right-wing ideology a voice given his recent investment in money-losing newspapers, isn't it possible that Clear Channel's interest in Bush and the right wing actually has more to do with money? Because like Bush was such a champion of 'deregulation' (barf!), and for whatever reason right-wing radio has a rabid audience unfortunately whereas liberal radio did not.

Politically, the tide has turned so greatly against deregulation, if money's always been the primary motive behind Clear Channel's actions (and according to Wikipedia, they've got a huge debt load from going private a few years back), then probably they're not going to want to do anything to antagonize the Democrats while they're in power in the White House and hold a majority in Congress, wouldn't you tend to think? Like with rumors of bringing back the 'fairness doctrine', antitrust suit concerns, and debt problems, are they likely to blackball a guaranteed money-maker like Adam Lambert that would likely cause them further financial hardship via retailation from Washington? Especially with Pres. Obama already starting to lay into Fox?

I think they'll be fair to Adam - I don't see how they can afford to be otherwise. Go Adam!!!!!

Fantastic and worthy article...I think this author clearly knows his stuff. Hopefully, Adam will be able to forge ahead and break down barriers in radio. He really is different...a completely unique talent as well as a wonderful and genuine human being. He also has the "IT" factor, and thousands of us have fallen under his "spell". If he is not played on the radio stations I listen to, it is simply time for me to change stations and support the ones who do play him.

There will always be those few who HATE and revolt. But the majority will always prevail!!! I am proud to be in that majority and will request his music whenever and whereever I can.Adam has made huge strides so far and will show those doubters eventually. Sony and 19 are not going to just let Adam go on his own. They will back him as all the other idols have released their first singles or cd's. Adam has the world behind him also!

Well that was an interesting read...and food for thought.

IMO, if people enjoy Adam's music, they'll buy it. But they have to know his music exists, which makes radio play very important. But, I ain't skerred. Most likely his PR team is aware that there may be some resistance regarding radio play, so they're getting his music out there initially in other ways...i.e. the TFM video preceding MJs movie documentary, the AMAs, etc. I have no doubt 19/RCA have back-up plans to maximize Adam's mega-talents, musically and otherwise.

Personally, I don't listen to the radio much - only when I'm driving. But I watch all the music award shows _ AMAs, Grammys, CMAs, BETs, VH1, etc. to check out the current and new recording artists. I was introduced musically to many of the current recording artists just by watching these shows and purchased their music because I liked what I heard. I wouldn't know Adam Lambert existed if it weren't for a TV show, so it's fitting that he'll debut his first CD single on the televised AMA's...and that's a good thing, yeah.


I'm the guy who wrote the blog post. Thanks so much for linking to it and commenting here and on the blog. Some of you made some good points that I've incorporated into the post. Since it's a blog, I don't have an editor to point out things like "What about Elton John's Lion King songs?" or Clear Channel's Pride thing. So, I need readers to tell me.

A couple things for the critics: I don't have much of readership to get riled up. Aside from my mom and my close friends, about 50 people read my blog. And I did some good research for the post, as I do for each one I write. And if I make an error, I always correct it. Just because I make an argument that you disagree with doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Yes, I am worried that homophobia will hurt Adam, but I hope it won't. I agree with all of you that if anyone can overcome American anti-gay bigotry on FM radio, it's Adam Lambert. He is a star, and he's one of the greatest performers I've ever seen. I mean, hello: He took a not-great song like "Time for Miracles" and with his amazing vocal performance turned it into a great single. Wow.

Anyway, thanks again!

I can't believe people in Unite States still talking about this.. and I thoungh I live in a third world country....
Well someday America will stop talking about the gay thing and focus on the amazing and brilliant artist they have!!!!!

You do realise that the person who wrote this article is just trying to get hits on his blog on the back of Adam's name?

I see/ listen to Adam and I see/listen to an artist, not a gay artist.
I still find it incredible that this is discussed, but I see the point. Oh, America! Will you ever come over it?

I am not the least bit worried about Adam getting noticed in any arena........his talent is simply too great to ignore!!!!!!!

Very Interesting thread! I was wondering myself how the radio stations determine playing time, and I knew that many are corporate entities which are controlled by one conglomerate. I am encouraged by lambertime's words about clearone.

I am wondering if maybe, just maybe, there aren't some powerful gay people in Hollywood who are helping Adam's cause. I think the older, etablished gay artists like Elton John, for example, are interested in doing whatever they can to help him succeed. It was interesting to note, it you watched the details video, that Adam was asked with what singerss he would like to collaborate. He mentioned Elton John. THat was new. He also talked about Paul McCartney and Aretha Franklin, if you recall. I had never heard him mention these other artists, ever. Could it be that Adam has been contacted by them and is considering this? Food for thought. If there are so many great ones who want to work with him, that will definitely help him get established. And, if you recall, blogger NYMichael said that Adam has a great chance to be more than a top 40 artist, and that he is receiving a lot of interest in the area of TV and film as well. This is encouraging and can help him in radio, I think.

TFM is a pretty song which a lot of people will enjoy when they hear it, if it gets played. I am more concerned about Adam's real album with all of the talk of space robotic type music..that it may not be mainstream taste. I do believe what Adam said about putting mixtures of things on the album, and that will help. I remember that the girl who wrote the article for details magazine said that Adam let her listen to some of his album, and it was filled with dance-y hooks which make albums go platinum. I so hope that will be true.

In short, I believe that Adam will have an uphill climb because of the gay factor. But I also believe that, if things are done correctly for him, he could possibly be the first openly gay artist to succeed in the US for reasons of social timing and, of course, insane talent.

Thank you for posting, this was both interesting and disturbing to read. The UK seems to be very tolerant in comparison. I'm not saying homophobia doesn't exist here, but my goodness, I find the whole 'homophobic radio mafia' concept very frightening and I cannot really see that Adam, who is being embraced everywhere within the industry, won't be played on radio, because some sort of insane bigoted cartel is out there trying to quash a person's right to be gay and successful. The whole concept is totally disgusting, a throwback to the 50's .

As much as I don't want to believe it, I stand by the fact that homophobia in one form or another helped KA to win American Idol, I think that is sad for him and a total injustice to Adam Lambert.

I actually firmly believe he will transcend this prejudice and make people face their fears, because his talent and ability to entertain will become the most important thing about him. He truly is one in a million.

Well fact or some mis-facts I do agree to some extent that it will be harder for Adam to break through to mainstream radio play.

Therefore, fans and other interested persons need to kindly request their radio stations to play Adam's music. I have already talked to my station once. They had not received the TFM play as part of their list yet. I will continue to contact them via phone and email - but only once or twice a week. I don't want to come across as a crazed fan and thereby make the station go negative on Adam.

If after the album comes out and it is clear that it is a hit and my station still snubs Adam (if that becomes apart), I will get more vocal and perhaps "call them out". But, only as a last resort.

The point, if enough people want and request Adam, radio stations should get the hint if they have any business since. And hopefully, 19/RCA (and Sony with the 2012 tie-in) will help in that regard. After all, they have a lot of money tied up into seeing Adam succeed - just like we all want him to succeed. I think this will need to be a grass-roots movement.

In the end, I have utmost confidence he will be the star we already know he is. Sometimes things just don't come easy and he has a solid fan base.

I think part of the reason we Adam fans have a reputation for being so "feisty" is that we've all experienced reading hateful, homophobic comments misguided people persist in writing about Adam - and loving him as we do we jump to Adam's defense; and then we're called "rabid." Like most of you, I'm okay if someone truly doesn't like Adam's voice - no one singer appeals to everyone. But when negative comments are made about Adam's sexuality; that's where I draw the line.

Adam leads by example and he shines in the public spotlight. He is a thoughtful, humble, articulate speaker. He is about spreading the love; he is about ignoring this hate. He will not let these haters bring him down, and he does not fear what will happen in his career by him being open and proud about his homosexuality.

Some may think he "lost" Idol because he is gay - but think about it this way. He broke down barriers his whole time on Idol, he challenged the "status quo" and still kept getting voted through; all the way to the finale. This to me is a CLEAR indication that Adam had a huge amount of support in mainstream America. He had guts and dared to be himself, and millions of Americans embraced him just as he is. He himself said he found this very startling and unexpected; but it clearly shows that millions of us just simply DON'T consider his sexuality to be a determining factor in whether we support him or not.

There will ALWAYS be the haters; that's a sad but inevitable fact. I'm happy that Adam was strong enough to stand up and be PROUD of who he is and now he doesn't have to hide anything. IMO his talent is beyond compare and his career destined to soar. Radio stations aren't going to have any choice BUT to play his music; I believe the demand will definitely be there.

I look SO forward to sitting in the AMA audience next month watching Adam's debut performance of his new single; what a moment!!

I really don't think that Sony would be investing so much money in Adam if they didn't already have the radio play situation already looked after. I also think that Adam is opening the hearts of previously homophobic people just by showing what a beautiful, caring person he is. Plus, young people these days, are far less homophobic than their elders and they are the target market.


" i never believed the talk that adam was the favorite to win ai, and kris was the underdog "

Adam was the favourite because everything pointed to the fact ..................... Google searches, Youtube hits, itunes sales, airplay, fan reactions, site posts, media letters and phone-ins/text-ins and general market research surveys.

I can't believe that some people are still unaware of or refuse to accept the reasons for Kris' win. It had nothing to do with the Christian. Adam consistently won or did well in the bible belt states and even won Danny's state in the final and top 3 week when Danny was still in the competition. I can understand Kris's fans being in denial about the facts (though you would think reaction on the tour and the comparative pre-sales of both their albums and singles would have gone some way to them giving up the fight) but for so many of Adam's fans to still be thinking that Kris's win was anything to do with anything other a voting campaign among a small number of people run with military precision is absurd.

i love adam but i know that there are bigotry still out there whether his album is number one or number twenty i will always be his fan. it is their loss not mine.

This article summed up all my deepest fears. I pray that's all they are - my fears. It is more important then ever that we push radio play and vote to nominate Adam for People's Choice. It doesn't seem like it here, but he will have an uphill battle. We are his army of soldiers and have our work cut out for us.

is it on youtube????????????????????????????????

That article is the biggest pile of misinformed, poorly-researched, self-pitying, oh-woe-is-me garbage that I have read in a long time.

i think some radio stations may not have him on heavy rotation while i predict others will. i have this strong feeling that adam is going to break down alot of barriers and plus he has a large and strong fan base. I AINT SKERD!!!!!!!!!!!

The great thing about Adam is he can sing in any genre. Sure there may be some that will go nuts over his present new album coming up, since it will be sensual. But you know, next time to change and shake things up, he can call up David Foster and say, "David, I'd love to do an album with a classical feel. Could you produce it?" His voice is so beautiful, that these haters will fall in love with him.

Let's hope Adam gets the radio play he deserves. we'll just have to keep requesting his songs - over and over.

The article makes a point that scares me - ClearChannel owns 7 radio stations in one market? Now THAT's scary.

I felt the same as ambertime. The writer skewed the facts to make the points. For example, Elton John's Lion King hits that were played all over the radio stations came way after he came out of the closet.

I don't have a problem with Details doing a story titled why women want to sleep with Adam. It's intriguing. To me, there's no harm in helping straight men to learn a tip or two from gay men Smiling

I found this article interesting and I do agree about the radio stations being homophobic, but Adam will change all that. Smiling

wow, this is poweerful, and true/. its obvious to me because of adam that people are far from willing to accept gay people. i never believed the talk that adam was the favorite to win ai, and kris was the underdog, adam was always the underdog because of being openley gay. adam may not have said th words gay during ai but he did little to hide it, his boyfriend sat in the audience for every show, every single person that knew him knew he was gay, and he had photos of him kissing his ex boyfriend on the internet. as a result, some people would not have voted for adam if he sang the greatest song ever written. the truth is to keep in the competition adam had to come out every single week and be twice as good as his competitors on the show, just to stay one each and every week. it was alot easier for some people to vote for danny or kris, and no song adam sang made a difference to them. despite being twice the singer kris is adam still lost because people did not want a gay american idol, period. up to this point being openley gay has not hurt adams career, it may have helped it because of the constant publicity he generates. but there is no question there will always be people who will not buy his music no matter how great it turns out to be, they dont care, they will not support and openley gay man. we will see what happens with tfm sales in the end, this song will have publicity because of this is it, and being in this movie 2012, between this is it and 2012 this song will be heard by the whole world, but this song is still about the movie 2012 not about adam, his album will proove more about how adam sells, his album has had huge publiciity from the top record producers and writers around, it has had nothing but raves by those who hear it, but its still a matter of getting radio stations to play the music. i get the feeling adam may have to have a song as big as thriller or billiejean on there to get the radio stations to play it, and even then, who knows. the truth is none of season 8 idols have had much radio play at all. as for the gay thing, i have noticed even adams most loyal fans who are on his side get uneasy whenever adam actually shows he's a gay man, like kissing his boyfriend in front of pappas, i could tell how uneasy that made even fans who adore him, in fact i think the prefer the fantasy photos in details mag where they portrqay adam as hetero touching a nakes female model, that is more comfortable to them, the prefer the hetero fantasy to the gay reality, which this mag figured out and used to their advantage. no doubt the hetero pictures will be their best selling issue by far. i think we can all pray for the best, pre-order adams album, and tell ourselves the album will sell millions of copies, but until this actually happens it will be uncertain if millions and millions of people will buy a gay mans album and if everytime a radio station trys to play adams music the haters complain about having to listen to a gay guy, well thats a problem. adam says in the article he is torn between being an artist an being a business man, as an artist he wants to shock people and be controversial,as a busines man he worries he will turn off potential album buys by being controvrsiaql, but i dont think adam know how to by anything but controversial, so he will always push peoples buttons one way or another. i think the lady who wrote that article was just being honest, and telling it like it is, and we have all seen the haters on the internet to proove it. the stuff she quoted in her article people wrote about hating adam, its all true in their cases.

This is why it will be so important for us, his fans, to clearly and politely request his music when it's available for airplay.

well I dunno I can see the article makes some good points about the prior artists but it was a different time, like teh 70's for Elton and things are changing. And yes pop and rock music is one of those areas where being gay is a liability as its a young man's domain and its a lot of the young guys so insecure with their own sexuality that can be so homophobic.

So Adam will be impacted by that but still at some point someone comes along with such sheer talent and ability that he can't be ignored and Adam is that guy. It seemed to me that a lot of the dj's that interviewed adam during the tour really liked him and seemed like big fans actually so I think that will help him a lot. And radio is a business and business respond to the marketplace plus the regular radio stations like all traditional media are competing again new media outlets like the itunes and on line services like pandora's box so they have to be more responsive to their listeners, if the album comes out and is huge and gets all sorts of great reviews and has great songs and people demand to hear the songs they will play them. This is where AI helped him greatly, he's already a celebrity now, he is not a new struggling artist that is easy to ignore and he has the sony powerhouse behind him too, so I think the radio stations will have a much much harder time ignoring Adam than this person assumes.

I couldn't agree with you more.....based on the (site)context of this article.

I truly feel something much bigger than Adam or anyone is running the show and
Adam's destiny is for Greatness. His love and kindness will out shine any negativity.

I am not sure this writer did his research. Clear Channel began Pride radio that caters to gays and can be listened to across the nation. In addition Clear Channel has received awards for their support of g and l employees. Furthermore, his examples--like Elton John--came out of the closest after their careers had peaked. Maybe the writer's intent was to stir things up for readership. Adam will be fine.

Totally agree, galeeb!!

Love overcomes hate.