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How big are Adam's gauges? jw o,o:

How big are Adam's gauges? jw o,o

Ok so I have noticed that Adam has some beautiful gauges and I was wondering if anyone knows how big they are?
I am really inspired by his look...I think Adam could pull anything off and still look incredible!
Cant wait to see you in 48 days Adam (San Diego CA concert)

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Lauriellen, I love those. My holes closed up long ago, but sometimes I wish I could wear earrings.

Where did you find those? Is there a name for that type of earring?

@heather oops, my bad. Sorry! didn't see what the date was!

Before anyone else bothers to answer the question, a "Newbie" bumped a thread that started in 2009. HeatherDawn's comment was from Nov 2010.

I like ear gauges as long as they don't distort the ears too much. I only have one ear and I would love to have a hole punched in it so I can open up some accessorizing options, but I don't want to risk getting an infection in my good ear. I did find these cool earrings that don't use any holes but kind of hang in your ear. Here is one on my ear. Although I have no use for the left earring.

@Heather They are definitely gauges. He has worn plugs more often than gauges, but if you look at this picture, you can see that they aren't actually just large earrings.
That picture is a bit older than some of the other pictures I have seen where you could tell they were gauged. I can't find those pictures now, but I would say a size 4 just by looking at them.

IMO, I actually like Adam with gauges. Personally, I like guys with smaller gauges, and Adam has the perfect size. It's just a personal preference! Smiling

I like how he is now, but whatever he wants to do is fine with me of course. It would never affect his brilliant smile Smiling

Well, I would say a size 2 but he stretched his ears to a size 4. So, to answer your question, size 4.

I attended both Hawaii GLAM shows.
After the 2nd night, I waited at the barricades and Adam walked out to sign stuff.

He was wearing small diamond circle stud earrings and a silver hoop at the top of his ear.

He does NOT have gauges.
I was a little shocked because (like many others) I had thought the little black studs he always has in were actually gauges....but no.
Just simple earring piercings.

Here is a photo my mom took during the show (he is wearing the same earrings that I saw)

8.5 inches. oh wait. what are we measuring? haha nevermind Sticking out tongue

I remember once during a taped segment he remarked that the big pierced hole looked pretty gnarly. I can't remember whether he took the plug or earring out and showed it to the camera...maybe I've just blocked out the memory!!! It doesn't appeal to me. Does anyone remember that?

They're cool (:

If Adam is wearing #4 gauges now, then he has enlarged his holes since last year,because during his Details magazine interview, he said his guages were #2s. During one of his concerts in Europe, the light was hitting him just right, and you could see the light coming through the holes in his guages and shining on his neck. I, too, hope that he doesn't go any bigger with the guages, but no matter what he does, I'll always love him.

They are a size 4. i asked him when i met hm at ft. lewis

I hope that he doesn't go any bigger, and I really don't want to see through his ears. I'm really old school in this respect, I'm afraid.


Which isn't that big to me since I went up to 3/4 of an inch. heh. I hope he doesn't stretch them any larger because if he ever wants them to go back to normal they won't. Mine won't get any smaller than a 2 gauge.

i don't like gauges...i was afraid he had them... oh well they aren't that big..

about the sizes lol the only thing i know is that it looks totally hot on him Smiling

I think he looks amazing. His gauges look hot.

*sigh* I was hoping those were just earrings. I guess I can stand the small ones, like how he has now. Just don't make them any bigger!!

No sure of all the facts, but some are just plugs, some are smaller center but made to look bigger on the lobe....or have backs with things hanging from them.

I told my son NOT to make his any bigger either, as I can handle the smaller (or small medium ones). I told my son *IF* he makes his (ear lobes) any bigger, I would *wring* his neck.............and then stretch it like

I hope Adam does not make his lobes too big...


I dont even know what this word means. I thought Adam just had weird earings in his ears.

I'm not too familiar with this type of piercing, but from what I've read, what he's wearing in this photo is called a 'tunnel', i.e. you can see through the hole.

The small ones are ok. I hope he doesn't make his any bigger. The larger ones are gross IMO.

as far as that goes. but just so I understand, he's never actually WORN gauges in the show, has he? Doesn't he only wear plugs? Aren't gauges when you actually see the hole?