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Welcome to our Green Room! http://bit.ly/d1yW22

This is where Adam’s Australian fans and their friends can gather and experience all things Adam! We can share our thoughts, and promote Adam’s awesome talent within Australia & its territories. Adam visited Australia, whilst working on a cruise ship when he was 19-20, and visited us in the first week of March 2010.
Please assist Adam with his global awareness, by passing on any Aussie info here. We can all promote Adam’s music & videos; no matter where we live, everyone deserves the right to experience Adam : ) Bernadine will be helping me keep this thread together; there will be so much info coming through as the world discovers Adam. We all have real world time restraints so every bit you can help with is really appreciated.


Adam's debut single: Whataya Want From Me reached Gold in April 2010, and Platinum in May 2010. It peaked at #4,and has been in the Top 10 for it's entire ten weeks on our Aria Charts! Congrats Adam! FYE OZ version album was officially released March 5, 2010, and peaked at #18 on Aria Charts.

Other history: For Your Entertainment (US version) was avail in some stores, in extremely limited quantities@ Sat Dec 19, 2009 ~ As American Idol was only shown on cable TV, Aussie audiences were limited. Please request your local stores to stock FYE and 2012 Soundtrack; most will oblige.


iTunes Australia: Adam Lambert search: http://bit.ly/2GqAbW
iTunes USA: Adam Lambert search: http://bit.ly/10iBQ0
'For Your Entertainment' Single & Album: Download iTunes link: http://bit.ly/1CL4WM

FOXTEL: http://bit.ly/1yPh40 http://bit.ly/13RGAl
OPTUS: http://bit.ly/2ij8hO
AUSTAR: http://bit.ly/WF9te
SELECT: http://bit.ly/1D9wZD
105 Arena, 108 Fox8, 111 Hits, 115 W, 117 Bio, 121 E!, 124 MTV, 132 Ova, 150 Fox+2, 154 Arena+2, 155 W+2,

MUSIC CHANNELS: 161 Hits+2, 801 V, 803 V Hits, 805 Max, 810 Vh1
*** Ch 803 V Hits: This channel has (V)'s 'Most Requested', whereby you contact them via the website and can REQUEST Adam to be shown. Please utilise this great feature! ***

105/154 Arena/Arena2 : .ET, Insider Weekend, Ellen
115/155 W/W2 : . THe View, Oprah
121 E ! : .......E ! News *This one has Ryan Seacrest,good Adam content.
112; 153: ...Comedy Ch: Chelsea Lately
117 Biog : ..Inside Edition, Bio's
112; 153 : Letterman, O'Brien, Kimmel, Leno
605 : CNN : Larry King


TWO: http://bit.ly/4e7KV3
SEVEN: http://bit.ly/49iNyC
NINE: http://bit.ly/4koJGw
TEN: http://bit.ly/2q8RoA
SBS: http://bit.ly/8WDAO

@AdamsAussies : http://bit.ly/1Y2SQq
@adamlambert (Adam's verified Twitter Account)

JoyFM 94.9 , Is a fantastic GLBT radio site

NOVA 91.9 Nova FM announced WWFM single was officially released in Australia Feb 12, 2002


upgrading further info atm.


http://bit.ly/2AapiE http://bit.ly/49yhB0 http://bit.ly/3kRxi8
How the Aria Charts work

35000 units = Gold; 70,000 units = Platinum

Chart Facts

Twitter for Australian Take 40 Countdown
Website for Australian Take 40 Countdown


SONY MUSIC AUSTRALIA- Top100 Artists, Albums and Songs http://www.bandit.fm/

All Sony Business Enquiries e-mail: corporate_au@sonymusic.com.au


31/03/10 ** JoyFM 94.9 TWO-HOUR Radio Special which aired WEDNESDAY 22:00 (10pm) Melb time: Global times: http://bit.ly/aseXr2
Radio @joythemeparty: 94.9 http://joy.org.au/listenlive


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FYE Listen to the entire album via Adam's Facebook Site: http://bit.ly/3I7wjB
TWITTER: . @AdamsAussies : http://bit.ly/1Y2SQq


CHATROOM: Access is available to Aussie Adam fans living in Australia.

Links: http://bit.ly/9uxhX1 ~ http://bit.ly/bXN1yu

Contact blakk @AdamsAussies, or @blakkrrox or Bernadine.. @Bern3755 or Nolena @noleadam via Twitter, if you need assistance.


.~ BUY, BUY, BUY CD's/iTunes to support Adam, his albums & his tours!

*** For Your Entertainment is now available on Aussie iTunes 3/12/09 ***

**** BANDIT.fm gift cards Avail from AustPost **** @ 091209 See AO Banner on this screen : )

New music sales promo thread: . http://bit.ly/62C5SH



AO Gridlock events by Hot: http://bit.ly/2XlPMR
AL REFERENCE blog: http://bit.ly/4CZmmJ

For Your Entertainment Review, Track-By-Track: http://bit.ly/c9wJlS




Adam's Promo always busy, so I'm going to ask for a lot of support please, from both Aussie and global fans. I have a large business and also family commitments, so appreciate any help. Please speak with both myself and others, with how you may be able to assist. Here's some ideas:

Sourcing and posting online media announcements

Sourcing, scanning and posting media tabloid articles

Re-Tweeting our links, messages, and trending

Bumping this thread back to the top

Finding out and posting re TV/Radio appearances, Channels + times, I use EDST as a basis

Posting updates of our Calendar

Archival assistance re Oz stuff on this thread for OP

Speaking on my behalf if you know the answers to others questions, either here, on Twitter, or in the chatroom

Posting updates re Oz CD sales

Posting updates re Oz iTunes sales

Also pls keep requesting Adam be played on Radio, as it gives him more media coverage. Also TV including requesting him on the Music Video TV shows. Adam's public appearances have mainly been finalized
Thanks to you all for your amazing support so far, we have such a fun and hardworking team. Adam's trip to Oz is gonna be a blast, for him and for all of us. I think he will be relaxed and unfiltered Laughing out loud

blakk xox


ADAMS AUSSIES FAN CLUB: http://bit.ly/9uxhX1

KIWI AO Site: http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/1200396

Oz release of If I Had You.. on Friday, June 25 Sticking out tongue


Please sign up for the Oz Twitter Lists if you are going to concerts. The main list is on the new fansite, and I have duplicated it here on the Australian Tour area on the tour page at AO.

We really need people to step up and give some of their time to global fans please : D-

Concert Twitter Lists: Please add your name if you're attending concerts. Yay!!!

Melb: http://bit.ly/cqjQFo

Syd: http://bit.ly/c58MXZ

Bris: http://bit.ly/c5p1p8


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♥ ♥ ADAMs AUSSIES ♥ ♥ Rock!!!

I would love if someone threw a huge Adam Party. I would be happy to pay are cover charge.

Kia ora tatou, aussie cousins Smiling Just stopping by to wish you a very happy 2011 - hope you get everything you wish for (including more of Adam, of course!).

Also hope none of you are affected by the floods in Queensland at the moment.

See you next year Smiling

Excellent! Cool

Thanks for letting us know malia. Smiling

There's a thread on X factor Australia Forum for Lambert fans. Actually it's the longest thread there!!
We vote on everything we can find - from German CMA Awards to getting Adam on X factor UK!!

If I Had You was played during the ACA interview tonight of Dr Geoffrey Edelsten and Brynne Gordon who celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary today.
Cool Smiling

the only things in my shopping centre is screaming kids and yelling parents............... I don't think they play any music. glammer

@Glambergenie I heard that song today too! I was at work and sang to it Sticking out tongue Not the same shopping centre though haha. NSW Smiling

I heard Adam’s Whataya Want From Me above all the noise in Indooroopilly Shoppingtown (Bris) today. Smiling

@adamdownunder... thems the breaks when clicking on links Eye-wink

Hey Bern, stopped by and spotted your link for the Kyle and Jackie O Podcast. Don't know what I was more disappointed with: Hearing those two tools ask Adam the same boring questions or listening to Hugh from Packed To The Rafters speak at the start of the podcast and talk about who died last night on the show. I can only see the Rafters show on Austar (due to not getting 'real' TV because of where I live) and we are 1 season behind....now I know who dies 1 year before it happens! Doh! But I do appreciate you and your links...lol.

Thanks so much for all the updates BernadineS .... greatly appreciated. Smiling

New Adam T-shirts at Hot Topic. http://bit.ly/9CrDhz

Sorry forgot to post this.. Upcoming on Foxtel Cable here in Australia

Adam on MTV Hits Chan 808 "Clippin it"

"Our favourite international and local artists expose the secrets of making their music videos in a running commentary. They give us insight into the concept, the fashion and behind the scenes antics that went on during filming."

Duration 5 mins.

Dates and Times can be found below (4th & 5th Nov at this point)

Welcome @JM90... Feel free to join in the fun and conversation. Smiling

Live Podcast Adam calls Kyle and Jackie from Hawaii.. Listen to Wednesday 3rd Nov.

Brisbane Courier Mail Top 10 Album Chart - #FYE

Today Nov 4th http://twitpic.com/33peaq No.5

Last Week Oct 28th http://twitpic.com/31i4bq No. 6

FYE was #5 on The Hit List earlier tonight and now it's been removed AGAIN!! Sad

We can request it so here's the link again ....


Fabulous .... thanks for the link BernadineS. Smiling

Check this out... Found in my local JB HI FI Store


Adam's FYE CD has hit No.5 on the Aria Album Charts here in OZ!!!!

hi everyone im new at this whole form thing but i do love adam lambert and would love to make some friends that also love him xx

Hi Glamberts, Chrystal & I are finally home and unpacked but still on cloud 9,10,11,12; I don't want it to end. The 3 concerts were fab. and I couldn't care less if I never saw another concert ever again; how can you describe the feelings and emotions that Adam brings out in people.????
people of all ages, it's amazing. and of course the Glamily. we all had a great time and it was really great to meet you all and to put blog names to faces. All the girls at the Brisbane Manor, running up and down the corridor, yelling, screaming singing - well - almost. It reminded me of Porkeys!!!!!!! I would like to thank everyone who signed Tommy's birthday book. We just happened to run into Tommy, Monte and the dancers at the Jubilee pub; they were just having their dinner so another great moment when we had out photos taken with Tommy; (except Chrystal...... kept calling me NANA in front of Tommy) well she's staying home next time. In the next few weeks I shall mail Tommy's birthday book to him. He did start to read them and said it was so sweet of me to do this, So thank you all again. Yvonne

Aaaagggghhhhhh .... For Your Entertainment has been removed from The Hit List! Sad

We can request it @


Thanks ever so much BernadineS. Smiling


@adamlambertfan34, Yes I do live in Sydney. (but couldn't get my hand on any tix for the Sydney the 1st time around, so got Mel instead, so glad I did) I've met some of the very nice glamberts as well, would love to catch up w/ more next time. I know, one night is def. not enough!! Next time, for sure I'm going to go to all of his!! He's totally worth it Sticking out tongue
Trying to upload some of the vid from the show, but the youtube just super slow for me Sad We'll see.

@Glambertsyd do you live in melb? I just assumed you lived in syd lol I hope I can catch up with a few more faces next time he comes out..one night just isn't enough!!! I wish I had been at the syd show too but I am wrapped with his performance he gave in melb even if we did miss out on the tongue dive Sticking out tongue

Yes aussiekazagirl. I've been reading that thread. My, what a magnificent concert!! Laughing out loud Wish I'd been there.

Hope Adam still has some tiger in his tank for tomorrow night's show!

@adamlambertfan34, hey I think I recognised you a few rows in front of me!!! What a night!! But looks like Sydney got all the excitements (OMG tounge diving & all)!!! Wish I had tickets for the Sydney show Sad

Fantastic clip adamlambertfan34. Laughing out loud

Gosh, you had fabulous seats! Laughing out loud

Heres a video taken from last nights Melbourne Concert..its the only video I got unfortunately but plenty of pics!
@glambertsydney I was one of the ones in the front going wild and crazy and would have loved to see the rest of the audience going crazy as well!! it sounds like it went off tonight in sydney!!!

Totally agree w/ you adamlambertfan34, it was a great show. Adam was AMAZING!!! (as usually) ...a bit disappointed to see some of the people in the front didn't go wild & crazy thou Sad And the whole thing ended toooooo sooooon! Want it to last FOREVER! Please, Sydney people, you have to go WILD for Adam !

I just wanna say what an AMAZING show Adam put on in Melbourne last night Smiling I am still on a high!!!! It's Sydneys turn tonight I wish I could be there because my only complaint is I didn't want it to end! Sad

Grats kaza!!!!!!!

@glammer Theres always wearing contacts, that way you'd be able to see and not have the issue of glasses Eye-wink I'm doing the same, that way I dont forget to take glasses off this time lol Sticking out tongue

Congratulations aussiekazagirl! Laughing out loud

Yay! @Kazza.. Congratulations well done xoxo.

Congratulations on winning the sanity comp aussiekazza girl Laughing out loud

As your coming to Australia for a very short time...there are some specific things you can do to truely get an 'Australian Experience'.
1. Try Vegiemite....it is a spread that goes on bread or toast, wherever you are staying should be able to hook you up with some. Please use it sparingly...too much and you'll have a shock !!
2. When in Melbourne, I don't know where you are staying but see if you can have a short walk down SouthBank...you can end up at the Casino, but along the way there are fantastic restaurants - anything your heart desires
3.When in Brisbane - see if you can get out to the Barrier Reef. Not sure if you snorkle or dive, but seeing the beautiful colors and life under the see is amazing.
4.Get out in the sun, just for a few hours. Your hectic lifestyle will have you playing similar hours to other creatures of the night...so a little time in the sun will be rejuvinating.
I wont be going to your concert, going on a family holiday to Noosa, in QLD....I hope you enjoy your time here and it doesn't go too fast for you..love aussieanthea

@laussiekazagirl: I just had a big laugh. I was talking about adult diapers and then you won a prize from sanity and I thought it was supposed to be sanitary. LOL LOL LOL
will you go to the airport to try to get a glimpse of BB when he arrives for XFactor it shouldn't be too hard to look at the flight schedule from NZ. see ya there Yvonne

@aussiekazzagirl congrats on winning the Sanity comp. I was just coming here to ask if anyone had heard the winner yet.
Well done!!! Im glad someone from AO won and especially that you hadnt been able to get yourself a M&G.
Well deserved. Congrats!!

Hi guys
Just heard last night that Adam will be on next Monday nights episode of the X-factor! So tune in and get your DVDRs ready! Congratulaions Yvonne on your competition win - that is so awesome!

lol Yvonne, adult diapers, that is hilarious!!!

OMG........ I won a Sanity comp and won a meet Adam backstage at his Sydney concert..... I AM IN SHOCK AND SO EXCITED!!! I couldn't afford a meet and greet and now I won!!! I wonder if I will be with the other meet and greeters?? THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! To meet him again, I feel so lucky!!!

good morning glamberts, I thought I was holding it together pretty well, BUT, guess what? I'M NOT. I haven't been this excited since I got my divorce. LOL I wear glasses, but not for the M&G so will have no idea what I'll be looking at! guess I'll have to feel............hope I don't forget my adult diapers. see ya there Yvonne

Not long now folks ;o) So excited to finally get to meet you all at the M&G's and concerts ;o) XXX

@BernadineS I just had a look and found the M&G photos. Thanks.
They look great.

Yep the pics are uploaded on the fan site under the "Media" Link then clink on the "Meet and Greet" link.

and this is basically what you can expect at the M & G

Adam will probably sign two things for you.

@Col, Well, I don't know about swooning !! do you get extra time if you faint??? I have about 500 questions, and a couple of photographs for him to sign. Have you heard who his support act will be? Or if there's going to be a change in the lineup of songs.? I haven't ready anything. Chugg doesn't seem to know either.

Hi Yvonne,
I dont think you get a set amount of time but it is only like a minute. So plan what you want to say, and try not to swoon too much.
Photoes are put on the fan club site, I think. you may get a link for a high resolution download. This is all guessing from what I have read on the site.