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Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment album cover, blue hair
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Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment'
'For Your Entertainment' Album Cover. Album Available November 23, 2009

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*best 1*
ur sooooooooooo hotttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it possible not to love this pic? The hair is amazing, the makeup is amazing, his eyes are amazing, and he's sooo amazing. I love you forever, Adam!!!


Your so beautiful babe I love you with all my heart and I can't wait for a tour please come to Utah in the tour I would kill to see it.


i love you + your music Smiling
'for your entertainment' which i got for christmas is by far my favourite prezzy ... better than my new laptop Eye-wink
your gorgeous Smiling
would you be m-mine? Laughing out loud


If Adam chooses to stand out and be bold, he can do so. If he wants to kiss a guy rather than a girl, that's fine with me. If he would rather not date a fan at any time soon, it won't get the best of me. I will accept his gayness and not be judgmental. I may wish that he would change his mind, but I can always dream. One hug that lasts a moment is enough for me.


LOVE IT! I have had it one repeat since I bought it..12:05AM Tuesday...Yes I went to WalMart and watched them open the box and took the first one out..

My favorite song changes every hour...



Still listening to the whole cd but wow! Sounds great! I really like Pink's "Whataya Want From Me"...beautiful lyrics and your voice really grabs the emotion. My favorite songs that you do are the ones that showcase your voice. At a time when other "artists" need auto-tone and over production, you don't and I love it! Keep to those songs Adam and you'll be a bigger star than you already are!


I received my delivery confirmation today for my pre-order. YEAH! so so so so so EXCITED!!! I can't wait to blast the music in every corner of my world!!! I am still getting my itunes order....the stream killed me and I when I get my CD in the palm of my hand, that is HEAVEN!

CONGRATULATIONS ADAM! And, thank you for entertaining us. I am so excited this Sunday for the AMA!!! Eye-wink


This is the only time that I've ever wanted Monday to come, and it feels like we have been waiting forever!!!!!!! But, I KNOW it will be worth the wait. I already LOVE the cd, I could'nt wait any longer so I got on myspace music to listen to the songs and OMG!!! Itz Incredible. Make sure that you go pick up a copy!!!!!


At first i didn't like it....BUT now i'm lovin it Smiling
Adam is beautiful <3


For sure, this is very good photo. But this is something that I don't expect, the pose and his blue hair, make him look like she . Personally I prefer his single cover ' for your entertainment'


WOW Adam Lambert looks so hot in that picture. I love adam lambert so much I am so in love with him.


An homage to Madonna (the glove), Prince (the font on the lower right corner), and Bowie (floating in outer space). And just the face of the beautiful Adam. Lovely and fun.


Adam was totally on Planet Fierce when this picture was taken!! And I am sooooo loving it. I love his hair too, and the eye makeup, well actually the entire picture is HOT!! I'm so excited for his cd!!!


this isnt wat i expected but i still like i <3 adam no matter wat!!


This cover is amazing. I'm not gonna say if this cover is better, or whatever, cause they are for different things, i think they are both amazing. I Love the eyemake-up.


Great single! Beautiful cover in that Adam can do no wrong - however, doesn't do as much for me personally as some of his other pics - but hey, its Adam. I wish the best for you Adam and I can't wait for your album!!!


Thank you for an Adamazing Birthday Gift!
I wish you the best success with your debut album.


I love your album cover and your song ( for your Entertainment) . I hope my partner is getting me your cd for my birthday. You are so HOT. You were our winner from the word go. Keep Rockin & Rollin. We just love you.


For those of you who are criticizing his album cover...
Sorry, but you just don't get it.

This is Adam. What else did you expect?
I don't think his aim was to create Adamgasms here, people.


Adam has bought glam back. This picture is so unique! I love the lighting on his hair, it's gorgeous! I really haope this is the official cd cover, this pic rocks! And it shows his beauty...all together a breathtaking shot. That's exactly what my first reaction was when I saw this shot. Congrats on "Times for Miracles," the music video is awesome and you made it better. Can't wait for "For Your Entertainment." I'll be waiting in line. It's coming true Adam, all of it is.


LOVE IT !!!...just b/c that's our Adam Lambert!!!

no matter what he does...still love him...


I LOVE the cover! It's so "him". !!!!!!!


K this is the second time i have typed and deleted, all i want to do or get across is ADAM I JUST LOVE YOUR SOUL(FACE,SMILE,BODY) SO AMAZING AND YOU SHINE,OH MY I JUST WISH I COULD SEE YOU ONE DAY,,,ONE HUG FROM YOU WILL LAST ME UMMM FOREVER I THINK, OMG SOUNDING like a stalker sorry just LOVE ya Adam!!!
Nirvana be with you!!
I'm not giving up on you'( sending me a hug or a hi---your my sign,or signal, from heaven, I asked my loved ones from above to help me out here, (brother,sister,mom,lots more but i know they are here for me- Adam even just a HI ---from you would make my day---WOW UR GREAT-happy journey XOX

ps i will always be your biggest FAN--from your toes to your head--body-mind and soul-
ya i sound like a crazy person yep i am love you


I LOVE THIS PICTURE HE CAN PULL OFF ANYTHING!!!! 80'S 90'S AND TODAY!!!! I dont care what anybody says about this picture he is HOT!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy for happy him!!!!!!!!!! I THINK NO I KNOW HE WILL BE THE NEXT ELVIS AND MICHAEL JACKSON!!!! Peopl need to get over the fact that he is gay because he will never change!!! And you should just like him the way he is!!!! Like i did!!!!!!!!


I actually exclaimed out loud though I was alone when I first saw this. It is freaking awesome! The whole androgynous thing is so mind-blowingly amazing. I LOVE IT AND SO SHOULD YOU BECAUSE IT IS A WORK OF ART AND SO IS ADAM! LONG LIVE THE GLAMOUR ANGEL PRINCE!


ummm okay i was hoping for something a little more... kickass and... uh... less girlish. i mean adam's incredibly hot but he looks a bit like a girl or something in this pic. BUT i'm sure his music will be better than his album artwork...


I do have to say.....This is hawt....Very always(:


I absolutely LOVE this picture!! And to the people who don't like the picture, don't let that stop you from buying his cd when it comes out November 23rd. Adam could'nt have said it any better, "Glam is Back"!!!!!!!!!!

mandy diesel

I guess this is wot adam chose and I gotta appreciate it. But I think its got a lot of cheesiness to it, it's too fake, actually I don't like it. Im not worried though it'll grow on me:) Im still sad Def Leppard cancelled their NA tour, wot the snuck was tat aboot!


does anyone actually know if this is the official album cover?? if so then that's F*ing wicked but if not, i can't wait to see what it will actually look like!!


i can't wait till ur album comes out!! you made it sooo far !!! and i hope you continue ur journey with writing meaningful music!!U are HOTTT and i can not wait to meet u someday!! hopefully soon!!!! i love u and im going to buy ur album once it comes out!!!!! hugs&kisses
kayy from New York:D


I LOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHH!!!! I haven't been able to stop gawking at this sense last night when Adam tweeted it!!!!

I have been trying to describe it as a current, sexy, out of this world, David Bowie esc, type thing... But in truth, words cannot discribe how phemominal and FIERCE this is!!!!

ahhhh!! Adam Lambert has struck again!


Beautiful Adam! I love it !!!!!!!!!


I am loving the cover. Its so Adam! (:


suuch a gorgeous picture!!! wow! i'm SO excited for this album!!!! Laughing out loud i can't stop admiring it! adam you are sooo sexy! it's ridiculous!


LOVE IT! Its a work of art before you even play the music! Rock on!

Beatriz 81743205

You know why I loved the cover of the new album of Adam?
For perfectly matched three elements: the universe, rock and beauty. The universe created a controversial rock star, with his black gloves and painted nails inserted into a sweet and charismatic figure, with a perfect face, like that was delicately carved. Congratulations ADAM!!!!!


I am speechless! Wow!
Anyone know how to fast forward a calandar so November 23rd is tomorrow?????


Wow, those eyes just do me in... Lovely... Smiling


Sweet!! Love the album cover. Can't wait to get it. Haven't been this excited to get new music in a Long Time!!! Smiling


Sweet!! Love the album cover. Can't wait to get it. Haven't been this excited to get new music in a Long Time!!! Smiling


holy.s***. I am hyperventilating and absolutely cannot stop staring at the album cover. It is beyond definition. Please find me another word for amazing, beautiful, hot, gorgeous, magnetic...because these are empty words compared to this picture staring back at all of us. I am speechless and just totally mesmerized by his beauty.


OMG...this makes me want the album that much more now.this is so amazing! He looks delish as usual lol

Super Sachiko

Yeah it does have a feminine edge to it but I love that. I like guys who look... pretty!! Don't misunderstand me, I don't think he literally looks like a woman. I said "feminine EDGE."


Wow!! Stunning!! Smiling