What was Adam's childhood nickname?:

Do You Know Adam Better Than Yourself ?

What was Adam's childhood nickname?

Do You Know Adam Better Than Yourself ?

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Ligia Ferreira

Adumb?? really?

Thought it was another ...




Ohh i have no idea!!! Sad((( But Ad or Addie sounds amazing! Let's ask GlamDady!!!


Addy or Ads


Starchild? Eye-wink




Adom Bomb


I suck because I honestly do not know the answer. But if I named my son, Adam. I would call him, Addie when he was young.


No idea but Sad


I am guessind Adumb because he must have been bullied alot when he was a kid.


hmmm..I'd say Addie because it seems pretty obvious. But then, he seems like a Lamb.. and Pollie? im going with Pollie because im just that weird;)


I do not even know I'm really just guessing, Addie is very appealing to me. Smiling


Do I really have to sign in to facebook to vote? Ugh I refuse to. But I'll vote for "Addie" it's cute lol :3


There are two types of Nicknames that people get, 1: taunting from mean kids or 2: cute affectionate ones from a loved one. I think the question would be for a loving nickname..Which his family calls him Addie. I don't think he would ask for the one he doesn't like and was used by mean kids who made fun of him which was Adumb. He's said he's hated that name & I totally agree.

Popi K.

I think Adumb

Rachel Sun

I have no idea.I voted Adump but I don't have Facebook.Just waiting for answer!


His Dad called him "Addie" Smiling


From My Amazing Adam Knowledge I Know Its Addie(:


Poor Adam... Sad He didn't like that nickname, can't say as I blame him!

Nahid Celine

I think it was adumb, cause he has some craziness or maybe weird. Addie is Nice too. so cute


I think Addie. It sounds like a family nickname.


It's definitely Adumb. I remember he said in an interview that he hates when people call him that because that was his childhood nickname and he hated it. So I'm going for Adumb.


The questions says "childhood' nickname, which implies family and very young. Could be Lamb or Pollie but his Dad does call him Ad so I would vote for Addie. But I can't, becuase I'm not on facebook.

Adumb sounds like an adolescent nickname given by not very nice kids. Adam was hassled for being different, not dumb. Dumb is not an Adam trait.

Jessie Lambert

I saw Adam in an interview sayin' that in the school all the kids thought about him that he's weird....So it is Adumb or Lamb...I am not sure...I have no idea!


I think its "Lamb" .


i thinks is addie my sis thinks it is adumb


Sticking out tongue

sorry just found out about all of these! ;*


Smiling <3


all of them sound so cute!!!! aww i love all of them


Adumb, Addie or Lamb..But i can't guess 3 answer...Maybe Addie or Lamb. But i mostly think it is Addie Smiling
Whatever the answer is i'm so excited to hear what it is, because it's great to know a new thing about Adam Smiling

Miiss Glambert

I think Adumb.
Addie sounds so cute. Smiling

Jessie Lambert

Hmmm.....adumb or addie..addie sounds adorable...i think it's addie....just a guess!!


I think Addie or Pollie, but whatever the answer is he had so much struggles in his childhood i cry whenever he talks about it and what he went through and how he got treated, no one deserves to have those things happen to him and the bullies who do that to others are disgusting, just disgusting.


hmmm...tricky one. I'm just going to go with my gut feeling on this one. *fingers crossed*

Alla Kovalkova

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's Adumb


I think, Lamb


I think it's "Adumb". He said some people called him like that in school Sad


I think it's Addie because his Dad still calls him Ad.


I really don't know. I think "Addie" or "Lamb" is cute but my gut is telling me "Adumb". I'm probably wrong but just taking a wild guess.


adumb, and its kinda stupid to use teh voting system through facebook, cuz alot of people dont have facebook, including me....


I think that it is Adumb, I am not sure but already I heard this nickname


I refuse to sign into Facebook when I have already signed into adamofficial. Anyway, Adam has said that as a kid he was called adumb, not in an affectionate way, at school. I cringe every time some one uses adumb when referring to Adam since it caused him pain, just because they think it is cute.


Eber calls him Ad and he was such a cute little guy ,I could see him being called Addie. I've guessed most right. Fun to have some mystery! This was a fun game to play! We fans are so lucky that he feels comfortable enough to share so much of himself with us. We feel that we know him and being so familiar with so much access we get a very special connection to a beautiful spirit that we cherish almost like our own family member.It's his honesty, playfulness and kindness to all that he meets that brings out our genuine affection for him. Adam is a beautiful gift to us and I hope he's as happy as he makes us.He really is loved.


NOT SURE IF TO CONTINUE with this questions! Laughing out loud ...2 wrongs till now...BAD! Laughing out loud
hmmm... Addie or Pollie! Laughing out loud ...but Lamb the same..who knows?! Shocked Laughing out loud

Voodoo Glamber†

nice nickname:Addie, but I'm not sure.
sounds adamazing!....hi Addie Laughing out loud


My guess is Addie!


Adumb lol


I have done really well on these questions so far. I'm guessing Addie.


I have NO idea. Mmmmm.... Pollie seems so random I'm tempted to vote for it, but I'm guessing Addie. I know his dad calls him Ad.


No have idea but "Lamb" sounds cute Smiling