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    Well deserved, Adam. You shine not only through your music but through your heart! So happy for you. Looking forward to watching you garner many more awards world-wide!

  • Grammy Di

    Adam, this song sounds amazing with your magnificent vocals and emotion. I have listened at least 50 times today. Looking forward to hearing it on radio.

    Can't wait to own your whole new album Trespassing! Hugs.

  • Grammy Di

    Congrats to all those who scored pre-sale tickets for Foxwoods!

    Unfortunately, the e-mail with pre-sale code for Foxwoods in CT didn't come through to me until 10:08 am on Wednesday despite my deliberate refreshing. Were they all sent out at the same time and my DSL server is too slow, or were the times staggered? I used the link and presale code immediately and wound up in the Foxwoods online waiting room to buy tickets for 2 solid hours. I was not able to do more »