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  • leafpool

    AWESOME! EPIC! FANTASTIC! The best vid yet I think. Way to go Adam!. Thank you AO for putting it up on mTV.ca. I knew that those of us in Canada would not be able to watch it on VH1.

    Well done Adam and the band and all the extras. one of the extras looked like John Easton from One Life To Live who plays John McBain. It probbly wasn't him but it sure looked like him.

  • leafpool

    I voted and fortunately i've seen the video lots because The video would not play for me over there, The commercial played but it never connected the vid.

  • leafpool

    Adam is a genius. He is showing both his feminine side and masculine side. I did not see it at first & I posted earlier that i did not like cover because all I could see was feminine side. But, i was wrong . Both sides are there and Adam Lambert you are a genius.

    Please ignore my earlier post where I said i did not like it. Sorry.