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  • SparkleGirl32

    You have such a warm heart. Thats just ONE reason why i LOVE you to DEATH!!!!!! :DDDDD im kinda jealous that ADAM MITCHELL LAMBERT walked into THEIR SCHOOL!!!!!!!! if i were one of them i would have died of cuteness. i mean srsly, u see that puddle over there? Thats ME.

  • SparkleGirl32

    i paused it at like :46, and adam's facial expression was hilarious along the the bedhead...lmao!!!
    BTW, its nice that u hav bedheads too so that we can relate to u, cuz no1 is perfect.

    thanks adam!

  • SparkleGirl32

    beyond creative. best fan art i've seen!
    (if i sound kinda like adam, FYI im not him lol xD)